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Internship & Volunteer Programmes in South Africa

Are you a student or graduate looking to gain specialist professional work experience abroad to kick start your career? You're in the right place!  Working with 450+ of the best organisations in Cape Town, we will design you a programme based 100% on your unique skills, interests and career goals.


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Why invest in a programme abroad?

There are numerous benefits of travelling abroad for an internship or volunteering programme instead of working in your home town. Four advantages stand out in particular, click the buttons below to find out more.

Authentic professional experience

Your programme will be tailored to meet your specific goals and interests meaning that you will acquire sought-after work experience in exactly the right areas. We'll handpick your host organisation, offer you multiple opportunities and provide extensive support to make sure you get exactly what you want from this experience and more.

Enhance your C.V.

You will carry real responsibility and deliver real results in live projects. We'll help you clearly communicate your new experience and skills through your CV to impressive future employers and kick start your career.

Be immersed in the culture

You're going to work very hard. But you're also going to be able to explore and experience the beautiful multi-cultural and spirited vibe of South Africa. We'll make sure that you are informed, safe and able to fully immerse yourself in what the country has to offer.
Build confidence in yourself
Completing a programme abroad takes courage to step out of your comfort zone. You'll overcome challenges, become more independent and meet people from all over the world. Through this rewarding experience, your self-confidence will soar!

Key programmes features

You are here for your development, your career and ultimately your future. You need to nail it when choosing a provider and a programme. So here's our offering in a nutshell.

Choice of two programmes

We have two programme options to suit different budgets

Choose your level of support and independence

Pay only for what you need from your trip

Programme fee starts at GBP £995 (USD $1200) 

See pricing.

Unlimited duration. No extra fee

Stay for any amount of time and the price you pay for your programme does not change.

Total flexibility and control over the length of your stay.

You're free to change your itinerary whilst you're here, no hassle.

Unique guarantees

You won’t pay a penny unless we can offer you your ideal internship. Get 100% back if you’re not 100% happy after our placement search.

Your needs and preferences always come first.

You're in total control of your experience.

Four unique promises underpin our services. See them.

Focus on the skills you need.

Not only do you choose your industry, but the exact skills you want to develop within that industry. Communication, budgeting, political negotiation. Just say!

We have a huge network of host organisations that enables us to find your match with unbeatable accuracy.

Our unique application process provides you with the opportunity to highlight the exact skills you want to develop.

Our placement search is totally driven by your personal and professional requirements.


Four unique promises underpin our services to give you total peace of mind.

Multi Placement

Why Bridging Gaps?

Three ways we stand out from other internship programme providers

Totally customised

Our programmes are tailored to meet your specific interests and goals and we provide a wide range of opportunities in many different inspiring local organisations.


Holistic and immersive

We are committed to providing each of our participants with a personal and holistic experience of the vibrant Mother City, and ensuring that your adventure runs as smoothly as possible.

Suitable for all

Bridging Gaps Programmes are suitable for people looking for Gap Year opportunities abroad, professional placements to supplement their studies, post-graduate international work experience and meaningful career breaks.


What are others saying?

See a selection of ratings and quotes below from our alumni; you can click through to their full interviews below.


25+ career areas

We offer a wide range of exciting and customised opportunities in more than  25 subject areas. Please click on a programme type (intern/volunteer/virtual) to see the career fields available.

Download and read a free guide.

13 Essential Insights for a Fulfilling and Safe Internship in Cape Town


A straightforward process

We have worked very hard to streamline our process to make your experience easy, fun and highly rewarding personally and professionally. Flick through the steps below, or read about our process in more detail.

Introduce yourself to our friendly team

Getting your dream internship all starts with you saying hello! Just pop your details into our enquiry form and we'll reach out to schedule a conversation with you that we call a 'discovery call'.

Ask questions & learn how we can help

In your discovery call, you can ask us any questions you still have. We'll talk about your options in the career fields you've told us you're interested in to help you imagine your placement and decide if our service is right for you.

Complete your programme application

If everything sounds good to you, complete your application to put into words your dream programme. This forms the basis of the 'design' of your customised placement and will be the primary framework against which we validate potentially suitable opportunities.

We'll source you the best opportunities

We maintain a large and varied network of the best organisations in Cape Town. We will identify the best potential fits for your programme goals and preferences and reach out on your behalf to assess those organisations for suitability (learn about their current projects and initiatives).

Prepare and plan for your experience

Once you've confirmed which placement offer you prefer, we'll start helping you plan the rest of your trip. We'll book your accommodation, help with your travel arrangements and provide extensive advice and information on how to get ready for your time in Cape Town. Your Bridging Gaps mentor will be on hand to make sure you're fully prepared for your placement.

Maximise your experience & learning

Finally, every member of our team will move mountains to make sure you get what you came for and MORE! It's essential to us that you're safe, you're learning and growing in confidence and developing the most important skills for your future career.


Wildlife Conservation Learnerships

Good news, we also offer in depth learnerships in this career area. Take a look at the exclusive programmes we offer below:

Exclusive African Big Five Research Learnership

The conservation programme conducts research on private big 5 game reserves in the Western Cape, focusing on ethical practices, non-invasive research, and education around conservation needs.

Unique Kruger Big Five Research Learnership

Based within the Kruger National Park park, this conservation programme is committed to conservation through long term ecological monitoring and research to ensure best practices for reserve management, and endangered species preservation.

Holistic Elephant Park Research Programme

Join this conservation programme dedicated to the research and study of African elephants to provide information that can be used to guide elephant management to better suit the welfare needs of elephants in captive facilities.

Immersive Big Cat Conservation Programme

A big cat sanctuary in the Western Cape of South Africa dedicated to the rehabilitation of big cats. The sanctuary is also a platform aimed at creating awareness about big cats in captivity and providing crucial education on animal welfare and the importance of changing breeding facilities into sustainable ethical projects. The sanctuary is home to 23 big cats of various species including; lions, leopards, cheetah, 0caracal, tigers, and jackals.