Meet the Team

South Africa

Julian Maron

Operations Manager & Co-founder

Lucie Hett

Programme Coordinator & Co-founder


Kelsey Stephenson

Programme Coordinator


Yvonne Jooste

Content Manager


Simon Middleton

Business Advisor


United Kingdom


Alistair Wilson

Marketing Manager


Jeremy Hett

University Partnerships Manager

United States


Andrea Rego

Media Manager


Full Biographies


Julian, a Capetonian through and through, graduated from Cape Peninsula University of Technology with a degree in electrical engineering in 2012. After working for a couple of local engineering firms, Julian decided to explore a new career opportunity and joined Lucie in facilitating the Bridging Gaps Cape Town programmes. He has a tangible passion for his home City, and is incredibly enthusiastic about showing visitors the amazing secret spots Cape Town has to offer. Julian is excited to share his knowledge and experiences of Cape Town culture and lifestyle with you!


Lucie, a born and bred Brit, graduated with a BA in Education from Cardiff University in 2012. Lucie has always had Africa in her blood after spending a few years in Kenya as a child, and then using her gap year to explore Southern and East Africa. It therefore came as no surprise to her family and friends that after university, she decided to head back to South Africa to see what life in Cape Town had to offer! For the last 3 years, Lucie has been working for volunteering and internship organisations, and through this she has really found her passion for providing people with the opportunity to travel to South Africa to volunteer their time in inspiring local companies. Having been through the education system in the UK, Lucie would be delighted to assist participants with any university or career advice and is excited to get to know you during your time in Cape Town!


Alistair, a Brit graduated with a BSc Hons from Loughborough University in 2010.  He is behind the marketing and digital stuff. You can blame him for all the pink around here.

As well as his role for Bridging Gaps in the UK, he coaches and mentors individuals and teams in all things digital.


Kelsey is a born and bred Californian, lover of all things dogs and tacos, and huge travel enthusiast.  She comes from a background in studying development and human rights. Her first experience travelling as a student abroad is when she completed her first internship in Tanzania back in 2013. Having exposure to the world of non profit work and development, she then moved down South to sunny Cape Town to continue further study and work with various NGOs. Having her own story about how interning abroad helped develop and shape her own career path; She really believes in the personal and professional  impact that a cross-cultural work experience can have for individuals and looks forward to sharing that journey with each of you!


In a previous life, Yvonne was a senior lecturer in law. These days she is a content writer. She is passionate about South Africa, education, politics, and dogs.


Having been born and educated in the Home Counties in the UK, Jeremy made his first trip to Cape Town in August 1975. After spending nine years in the Eastern Cape teaching, he went on to become Headmaster of a British curriculum Preparatory School in Kenya.  Later returning to the UK, Jeremy finished his career as Deputy Headmaster of a Prep School in Dorset.  Jeremy has extensive and valuable advice to offer in terms of education, career paths and working and living in a foreign country.


Simon Middleton lives and operates a consulting business in Cape Town. He started his career as a history teacher and after 5 years in education, moved into the Corporate world. He spent 24 years of his career in Europe, living in Vienna, Lausanne,London and Frankfurt. His field of experience and expertise is in the field of People and Organisation Management. His last role before returning to Cape Town was Senior Vice President for Human Resources with Lufthansa Services Group. He has a desire to plough back his experience into his country of birth. He loves the challenges that are part of his homeland. South Africa is a multi-dimensional frontier which  enriches a person who does a deep dive into the complexities brought about by its history.


Andrea (AKA Dre) is based in New York City and graduated with a bachelors degree in Communications.  She has grown up as a first generation American to Portuguese parents and has been working in the travel industry for the past 3 years.  Getting to travel and experience different cultures and food has always been a passion and she loves being able to share that passion through social media.  Upon visiting Cape Town this past January, she fell in love with the city as well with the work that Lucie and Jules were doing with Bridging Gaps.  Expanding our audience into the Americas, Andrea now helps manage social media at Bridging Gaps.