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All the learning experiences we offer in Cape Town are wonderfully flexible. The dates and durations of our programmes are for you to decide, and the high quality opportunities we provide, are tailored to your needs. It is imperative to us that during your Cape Town experience, your professional and personal goals are met, and we ensure this by working closely with you right from the beginning of the application process.


An important part of the Bridging Gaps experience is that we really get to know YOU. From the starting point, right through to the end of your Cape Town adventure, you will be supported and guided by the Bridging Gaps team. We will work closely to help you create your ideal experience before you arrive, and will always be on hand to give you placement advice, provide guidance on things to do in the city, arrange appointments or help you overcome any challenges you might have.

Local Support

At Bridging Gaps we focus on the one destination we are most zealous about, Cape Town. We have extensive local knowledge, and one of the fundamental reasons we started these programmes, was to share our passion and enable visitors to experience the beauty, depth and infectious soul of the City. We all live centrally so are never far away, and pride ourselves in the seamless 24 hour support we provide to all our participants.

All Inclusive

Not only do we offer a wide variety of exciting programme opportunities, we also help you plan and arrange every other aspect of your South African adventure. We will assist you with all your pre-trip preparations, plan and book your accommodation and transport, and help create your ideal customized itinerary by exploring the different tours and activities the city has to offer. We also organise great social events for all our participants to join, and we do our best to ensure affordability for every aspect of your trip.

We Care for the Cape!

We really value the power of volunteerism in South Africa and believe that in creating opportunities for yourself through participating in our programme, you will also be creating opportunities for the people of Cape Town. As an intern or volunteer you will not only be contributing to the economy through tourism, but you will be volunteering your skills, knowledge and time to organisations which will benefit hugely from your help. Responsible travel is the heart of our programmes and we want to aid you to make educated and responsible decisions which will only impact South Africa and you in a positive way.

With all that it has to offer, the life of the city is infectious and stimulating, and yet at the same time, Cape Town is familiar. The city makes you feel at home, and that is because whether you have just stepped off the plane, or you have been living there your whole life, it is impossible not to be impacted by the spirit and friendliness of the people. Everyone in the Mother City has a story to tell, and will be delighted to tell it to you with a huge smile on their face, regardless of the challenges it may entail. The people of Cape Town will change your assumptions and encourage you to embrace a wider horizon!

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