Our Process

The process of    Getting you   to Cape Town

Here’s exactly how it works

This page explains our whole process and answers more questions you might have.

Before you Arrive

There are five stages of preparation before you come to Cape Town.  We have honed our process by delivering more than 500 placements.  It is designed to give you maximum enjoyment!


If you like what you see of us, then kick off your application by sending us an enquiry form and we’ll be in touch to arrange a Skype call with you.


We will connect with you on Skype to get to know you and understand your exact requirements from an experiential and educational perspective. We’ll cover:

• Your previous experience-work or volunteering
• What you want to gain from the experience
• Your ideal organisation
• Your ideal Cape Town experience
• How our application process works
• How we can assist you with your whole trip
• Our two programme packages
• Timings of when it is best for you to come

Once the skype interview is finished, we will send you all the necessary forms. An invoice for your refundable deposit payment will shortly follow if you feel our programmes are just what you’re looking for.
The forms include:
• Programme Application
• Accommodation
• Programme Specific Information (Bootstrap and Concierge)


Once we receive your completed application and your deposit payment, we will start our detailed search across more than 450 local organisations and contacts, to find you the most suitable internship or volunteer placement.

Our search for the best placement for you sometimes may result in a combination of different opportunities, to make sure we get you the experiences you are looking for.

We aim to have your first placement offer to you within 3 weeks and your deposit is fully refundable for a further two weeks after that.


Once you have accepted a placement we will send you a pre arrival form and confirm dates of travel.

The level of assistance you receive prior to your trip is dependant on the package you choose.

As a minimum, we will arrange another Skype call to make sure you are completely happy with everything that is organised, and to answer any last minute questions you may have!


Once you arrive in Cape Town, we will be the first faces you will see at the airport.

We will take you to your chosen accommodation and make sure you are settled in for your first night.
(Concierge package only)

When You’re Here

Many of our counterparts say goodbye at this point, but not Bridging Gaps!  We’ll be here throughout your entire Cape Town adventure to help you have a safe, rewarding and unforgettable time.  Here are four more ways we support you during your stay.

(Concierge package only)


A day or two after you arrive, you will receive a comprehensive orientation explaining everything you need to know about Cape Town. During your orientation you will be taken to different areas of the city, shown how the public transport system works, given a health and safety briefing and given the chance to ask any questions you might have.

First Day at Work

We arrange your first day of placement and will assist you with your transport route until you are comfortable to handle it on your own. We are happy to accompany you to your placement for as long as you need us to.

Feedback & Social Hangouts

We arrange regular feedback sessions with you to ensure you are learning and benefitting from your placement, in line with your programme objectives. We also hold weekly social events for all our volunteers and interns to enjoy and experience more of the exciting activities Cape Town is home to.

Available during your stay, and after!

We’re always available to you throughout your stay.

Call, text, meet – whatever you need, whenever you need it!

We are also happy to act as references for future job opportunities, and to provide ongoing career and academic advice whenever you need it.

Other Questions

What else would you like to know?

Refundable Deposit

We ask for a deposit in order to begin our search. This is fully refundable up to 14 days after we have sent you your first placement offer.

The 100% Happiness Guarantee

We work with over 450 different organisations and we are always striking up new partnerships. If you are not 100% happy with the placements we can offer you, you’ll get your money back.

The Two Offer Guarantee

If you are not happy with your first placement offer, we will continue our customised search and do our best to find you another offer that you are 100% happy with, or return your deposit.

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