8 reasons to invest in a programme abroad

How your investment will pay a great return

8 great reasons

There are so many reasons to travel abroad, but here are eight of the great!

Increase your cultural awareness

Participating in an internship or volunteer programme abroad increases your international and cultural awareness and will lead you to have a better understanding of different working cultures and practices. This will develop your career prospects globally.


Gain valuable professional experience

Interning or volunteering abroad is an ideal transition into the working world, and a fantastic way of applying your education-based knowledge, in a practical way. Through our programmes, you will carry real responsibility and deliver real results that you'll be proud of.

Ace future job interviews

Completing a programme abroad provides you with a competitive edge in today’s working world. It will greatly enhance your CV, whilst distinguishing you from other potential candidates. It will also be a great example to use in any future job or academic interview. Your skills, confidence and adaptability will shine through.


Create exciting new opportunities for yourself

In today’s working world, making global connections is invaluable and in coming to complete a programme abroad, you will meet people who will not only become great friends, but mentors to guide you in your line of work. The contacts you make while overseas, could help you along your career path at any point.

Build your self-confidence

This experience will hugely contribute to your personal development. Living independently in a foreign country will present daily challenges, and in the process of overcoming them, you will grow and learn an incredible amount about yourself. Your reflections post-trip on your own growth will amaze you. You'll also build confidence in a professional work environment.


Make informed career decisions

Through your experience with us, you will feel able to make informed decisions about how you want to further yourself in the future; be it through your choice of degree subject, educational institution, or career path. You will discover your strengths and weaknesses and learn more about which aspects of your field you are more passionate about than others.

Give something back to those less fortunate

As a result of South Africa’s recent history, there is a stark economic divide between the rich and the poor. The country suffers among the highest levels of inequality in the world and there are thousands of communities in desperate need of help. Your assistance as an intern or volunteer in the local organisations we work with is invaluable to them. We also facilitate meaningful volunteer opportunities to enable you to give your skills and time to help those in need. On top of this, you will not just be coming to Cape Town as a tourist, you will really experience the essence of life in South Africa.


Make lifelong international friends

You will get to know other interns and volunteers throughout your time abroad. You'll share incredible experiences with them and many of the people you meet here will become lifelong friends. You'll also form relationships with work colleagues and other local people. The overall relational experience of a programme abroad is incredibly rewarding.

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