Internship  stories!  

When I booked with you I had already spoken to pretty much every internship company across the globe. I thought you were really great in the services you provide and also the option of the different packages you offer which really makes you stand out.

Angeli Damoran

Angeli Damoran (AUS)

Human Rights Intern

Cape Town is a must!

Bridging Gaps is definitely the program of choice! They offer so many different programs, I did the human rights program with Regency Foundation Networx. Bridging Gaps did everything possible to make the lead up to my internship as smooth as possible and it was reassuring to know they were there to support me while in Cape Town. I learnt so much while doing my internship and there is no better place than Cape Town, a city full of life and activities.

I think even from when I first arrived you guys were so sweet. You met me with water and a sandwich, which seems like such a small thing but was just what I needed after a long flight. Little touches like that are really special. Also taking me to my first day and making sure I know where to go, little thoughtful details like that are what makes you guys such a great organization. Also knowing if anything happened you guys would be there.

Laura George (27/03/20)

Laura George (UK)

Human Rights Internship

You guys literally found me the perfect internship which is crazy!

Demi Wack

Demi Wack (USA)

Education Intern

An absolute blast

Every day in Cape Town is amazing. In a single day you can hike in the morning, work at your dream job in the day, go to the beach all afternoon and then hike Lions Head for Sunset. Bridging Gaps made my transition to SA smooth and provided me lots of additional support when issues arose (sick, flight issues, COVID19, etc.). All in all, I’m extremely grateful to have come to Cape Town and I know I’ll be back. Thanks to the Bridging Gaps team for making my experience so wonderful.

I never had the connections needed to plan a trip like this on my own. That’s what you were there for, essentially, you “bridged the gap” that allowed me to travel to Cape Town, do an internship and have a great time!

Molly Budgen

Molly Budgen (UK)

Conservation and Research Intern


My internship with CTEET was fantastic! I loved being a part of the project. The people I met were so welcoming and friendly.

Bridging Gaps were so helpful with advice before departure and upon arriving in Cape Town. Throughout my internship they continuously checked that I was happy and enjoying it. Very grateful to them for making my experience so great.

Yeah, absolutely I was actually so impressed by Lucie. This was one of the reasons why I chose Bridging Gaps. I was actually looking at another well-established company. Then I had one phone call with Lucie and I was like, yes absolutely! And then the whole way through, she constantly checked in, nearly answered all my questions before I even got to ask them. She always gave me information when I needed it.

Arianne Nolan

Arianne Nolan (IRE)

Business Developent & Strategy Intern

Fantastic, well organised Internship experience

From the get go my experience with Bridging Gaps was fantastic. I was immediately impressed by Lucie's attention to detail and how well organised everything was. Throughout the entire process I was kept completely in the loop and Lucie routinely checked in with me to give me updates and/or answer any questions I was having. This took all the stress out of trying to plan an internship while still letting me feel completely in control and confident with my upcoming trip. I had spoken to several other internship organisations before deciding to go with Bridging Gaps and I chose BG because there was such a difference in the level of professionalism and organisation, and having now completed my internship with them, I can truthfully say that this has absolutely remained true and I would genuinely recommend BG to anyone considering an internship in Cape Town.
I completed a business internship and Lucie did a good job of finding several different potential host companies for me to choose from, before finding me one that was a perfect match for what I was looking for. My host company was very welcoming and enthusiastic about having me here, which made my arrival and experience very pleasant. Unfortunately at one point I found myself being underutilised by my company, but I reached out to Lucie for advice and she was yet again extremely helpful and we managed to resolve the issue within a day or two, and the rest of my internship has been a really rewarding experience.

If you feel stuck at home, consider BG. Improving and developing skills in your study area, whilst being in a foreign country is sometimes what you need to define what you want to pursue for a career.

Hugh Watson (20/07/19)

Hugh Watson (AUS)

Renewable energy research and product development assistant

I wanted something different and adventurous. When I looked up what Cape Town had to offer, like the beaches, mountains and all sorts of very touristy things to do, I thought that getting to do my internship in a city like that sounded like a dream!

Anna Marshall

Anna Marshall (USA)

Laboratory Research Assistant

I took a chance and it was worth it!

I was wanting to do an internship abroad, and my family thought it would be a bad idea to go overseas by myself with no friends or family that I knew. But I’ve always been an avid adventurer and that desire to travel outweighed the fears and anxiety I had. It’s always been a dream of mine to travel somewhere in Africa because I had seen pictures of the wildlife and safaris other people had taken and it fascinated me. I also like things that are unique and different from the rest of the world. I found Bridging Gaps and looked up all the sights in Cape Town and then I knew that was where I wanted to go. I told all my friends and a lot of them thought I was crazy for going over there on my own, but even though I was scared, I decided to take a risk that I knew would benefit me in the future if everything worked out. It took some time to finally wear my dad down and let me go, what helped him be convinced was that Bridging Gaps was going to help familiarize me with safety and ensuring I have a smooth transition to a different culture. 

I enquired for more information and at first I was skeptical if they would be able to find a placement for me that was in a lab and aligned with my interest in Molecular Biology. Lucie contacted me saying that she had a place in the Hematology department in Tygerburg hospital, and I was surprised that it was what I’ve been wanting to do for a career. Lucie did so well in finding an internship that fit my college degree and I showed my professors back at my college in the US and they agreed it was going to be beneficial for my future. 

Also, shoutout to Luigi for finding a home I could stay in that was only a five to ten minute drive to the hospital. And a better bonus was that the house had the sweetest owner and the friendliest roommates. The house made me feel like I have a family in South Africa and I didn’t feel so alone. 

Every weekend I got to go sightseeing and it helped that Bridging Gaps would suggest tours we could do and would book it for us. Also not gonna lie, the 10% discount was pretty cool to get too. We went to Boulders Beach, went sandboarding at the sand dunes north of Cape Town, paragliding off of Signal Hill over the ocean there, went to an escape room even though we didn’t quite win, and so much more memorable stuff that will last a lifetime.

I highly recommend interning in Cape Town and going there through Bridging Gaps since they are a small company which means that they make time for you and personally care about your safety and well-being. Spending my summer in South Africa was the best decision I’ve ever made, and I’ve made lifelong friends who I will never forget. Now that I’m back home, I want to go back to Cape Town. Thank you Bridging Gaps!

From what I’ve seen from other internship companies and heard from other people doing internships here in Cape Town, it seems like the quality of the internship placements that Bridging Gaps secures are much higher. I think that's quite unique! (and am very grateful for it too)

Jonathan Wisner (25/08/19)

Jonathan Wisner (USA)

International Development Internship

You guys kept reaching out to check up on me, making sure I was okay and happy at work. The socials were very good. You guys get an A+ from me!

Jakob Valk

Jakob Valk (AUS)

Chemical Engineering

One of the best experiences ever!

Had no idea what to expect going over to Cape Town, but Lucie, Luigi and the rest of the great staff made the transition super easy! They organised a fantastic internship for me with one of the many great companies they know, and made sure I was experiencing Cape Town life to the fullest.

You guys were always available when I needed you. You would get back to me almost immediately every time I messaged you or called. The orientation was very detailed and realistic. Your info was very real, not sugar-coated in any way, and I appreciated the honesty.

Brittany Lemke

Brittany Lemke (USA)

Biomedical Engineering Research Assistant

Phenomenal learning experience!

Before beginning this internship, I had a hard time convincing my parents into letting me go. Lucie made every effort to help me prove what a worthwhile experience my internship would be. After getting the okay from the parentals, Lucie and her company ensured I would be prepared for every situation possible including orientation and walkthroughs of what living in Cape Town would be like. 

Upon arrival, Luigi was there every step of the way once I moved into my accommodation. He helped me pick out groceries for the first time and gave orientation (which was extremely realistic, which I appreciated), packets of brochures of what to do around town, a power outlet converter, who to call in emergencies, and much more. I began work the following week, where Luigi took me on the first day. 

I was placed as a research intern at UCT as a biomedical engineer. I produced electrospun scaffolds for a doctor at the hospital adjacent to the university. My work was extremely in-depth and allowed me to make long-standing academic connections. 

Outside of work, Bridging Gaps hosted socials at the end of the month and every event was entirely different than the last. We went to markets, did an escape room, went to various iconic restaurants, and even more. Also, for any activity that I wanted to do, Bridging Gaps was there to give advice, book it, and give me discounts. 

All-in-all, Bridging Gaps has enabled such a tremendous experience in South Africa. Not only have I learned a great deal from my research, but I've created memories that will last me a lifetime. Highly recommend!!!

I've learned so many things since I've started my internship. I've had the opportunity to work with people from very different backgrounds from me, and I think that this is one of the most important things nowadays.

Sara Ferraiuolo

Sara Ferraiuolo (ITA)

Social Responsibility Internship

An amazing experience!

Deciding to do the internship in Cape Town was one of the best decisions of my entire life. I've worked for two months with Call 2 Care, a local NGO in Cape Town that promotes community development programs. The colleagues were the best people to work with, they allowed me to decide on which program to focus on, and that gave me the possibility to do many different tasks.

Bridging Gaps not only provided the best customized-internship that I could ever ask for, but they made sure throughout the entire period of my stay that I was completely happy with my internship and that I was settling in well in Cape Town.

Really good! I felt like if I ever needed information or help with anything I could contact you at any time. I appreciated how you always checked up on how I was doing at work and how I was settling in. It never felt like I arrived here and then was just forgotten about. You were a part of my Cape Town experience!

Jack McCallum

Jack McCallum (UK)

Digital Marketing Internship

My Cape Town experience

I had an incredible time with both Bridging Gaps and my host company. I really enjoyed working at the company, the biggest thing regarding my internship was I wanted to be a significant part of the team. I was given lots of responsibilities and will leave knowing I was actually able to help the company whilst also being given a chance to develop and learn myself. Cape Town itself is an incredible city and somewhere I will definitely be coming back to as there's still so much I can do and have made some great friends whilst here. I will miss Cape Town and cannot wait until I get the chance to come back! Thank you Bridging Gaps!

Yes for me I think it was the placement! I couldn’t have found this placement myself, and even my supervisor said she wouldn’t have wanted to hire interns who just came by themselves. She only hires interns that come through an agency. That way, she only needs to focus on my internship and the work at hand, and not the many other things that come along with doing an internship abroad. Like my accommodation, safety, social events and making friends, were all handled by Bridging Gaps.


Leonie (GER)

Events Management Internship

The most amazing internship!

I had the best time in Cape Town. My internship was the perfect fit and I enjoyed every second of it and even extended and I made great friends and spend a lot of time at the beach, hiking, exploring and enjoying Cape Towns amazing vegan food! Bridging gaps found me an incredible placement and organized little trips and activities. They were super helpful and good fun at the same time!

From the minute I had been in touch with Lucie about applying, she made sure that the placement I was looking for matched perfectly! From then I had full faith in them as they always kept me up to date and briefed me on what to expect when I arrived! Bridging Gaps provided one of the best services I have experienced so far!


Meera Govind (UK)

Human Rights Internship

The Best Experience!

The exciting opportunity to live in Cape Town for would not have been possible without the help of Bridging Gaps! They provided such an enjoyable experience!! I had just graduated and was looking for an insightful internship experience so Bridging Gaps were able to connect me to an organisation which was exactly what I was looking for! They always ensured that I fit into just the right place and was happy with the internship! If I ever felt like I needed to change, the option was always there. Lucie and Luigi provided the best guidance and advice throughout my time here. They were so welcoming; always message or call to check how I was doing and answered any queries I had. I am So SO happy I applied through them and could not recommend them enough! Thank you, Bridging Gaps!

This is the second time I’ve come to South Africa on an internship program with Bridging Gaps. It was so amazing the last time, that I really wanted to come back again. South Africa is known for its wildlife and biodiversity so it was the obvious choice to do a nature conservation internship here… again!


Frankie Stratford (UK)

Environmental Science Internship

Priceless opportunity!

This was my second internship with Bridging Gaps and this time was as equally amazing as the last. For both, I was quickly set up with great internships where I was in close contact with species I had never had the chance to work with before (rhinos, cheetahs, eland, elephants !) and given important roles regarding animal care and biological research/ data collection. Even though I have not yet started studying biology at university I felt completely comfortable with everything I was asked to do and knew that if I ever needed help my colleagues would be more than happy to help.

These months have shown me completely new career paths in the biological field that I would never have been able to experience in the UK, I have a far better understanding of what I will be able to do with my degree and gave me a much deeper knowledge of conservation and scientific research in general. Bridging Gaps made this entire experience incredibly easy for me, I am only 18 years old with having no friends/family living here and had never even been to Africa before and yet Lucie, Julian and Luigi managed to make me feel completely at ease with the whole process.

I can easily say that I have had some of the best times of my life here, I still can't believe that I got to live with a baby springbok and 2 rhinos for 2 months. I would really recommend Bridging Gaps to anyone who wants to do a quality internship organised by people who really care about your experience here (and at an incredibly good price). Come to Cape Town, you won't regret it !

The city is very diverse! There are certain parts of the city that are so different from each other. There are some parts where I feel like I’m in England and then there are other parts where I feel like I’m actually in Africa. Then some streets feel very American, it's so different. I love it, there are so many things to see!

ALINA FREUND (14/04/19)

Alina Freund (GER)

Tourism Internship

Just how hands on you are! You make an effort to get to know all the interns and you really care about our well-being. It's really nice to have that support especially when you are alone in a foreign country for the first time!


Harriet Mallaby (UK)

Marketing Internship

Best Experience Ever!

From the moment I arrived in Cape Town Lucie, Julian and Luigi were on hand to answer any questions and assist with any problems. No issue was too large or small for them, and they helped me settle into life in a different country. The excursions Bridging Gaps organised were always fun and well planned! I’d definitely recommend doing the township tour and of course the safari! Bridging Gaps were also great in helping me plan and book my own activities and experiences. They all made me feel completely at ease, as the reassurance they always provided was amazing. Just knowing that in a country where I initially knew no one, there was a group of people with my best interests at heart was so brilliant!

The internship I completed was in a corporate branding and marketing company. Luigi took me on my first day to the placement so I would know where to go. As small as this may seem, it was such a nice comfort especially when you’re in a country you’ve never been to before. I really enjoyed my internship as I learned so much about an industry I’d never given much thought to, and if given the chance I’d do it all over again. My boss at the Brand Innovation had dealt with lots of interns, so I was able to turn my hand to a variety of different tasks whilst I was there.

I loved my time in Cape Town and although it took me a while to fully settle in, I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. The whole team at Bridging Gaps are amazing and recommend them to everyone!

It is a very cool place (the best in summer 😉 ). You often meet great people and the best about Cape Town is the diversity. Beaches, City, mountains, and nature!

Nils Sommer (14/04/19)

Nils Sommer (SWZ)

Film & Photography Internship

If you have never been to Cape Town before or if you are travelling alone or if this is the first time you are considering an internship abroad, I’d really recommend paying for the extra services because you get so so much out of it.


Emilia Ujejski (UK)

Public Relations Internship

Yes, the placement search was very good. Lucie was able to quickly secure many options for me and I got to choose which one I liked best. The communication between us before my arrival was just spot on. And the info you provided me was accurate.

Shannon Hogg

Shannon Hogg (USA)

Human Rights & Community development Internship

My time in SA was fulfilling because of BG

Bridging Gaps was able to place me in EXACTLY the type of internship I wanted, and I ended up working there over my entire 6 months spent in South Africa! They were able to connect me with my employers before I landed in SA, and they even went so far as to take me to my first day of work to ensure that I was comfortable with my commute from home. BG would frequently check up on me my first couple months in CPT to ensure that I was enjoying my internship placement, and reminded me that I could ask for a different one if ever I felt like I wasn't fitting in.

Whenever I had any questions the BG coordinators would always answer me right away. If I was interested in doing any particular activity in Cape Town, they would produce for me a list of options (with discounts) I could choose from. The team at BG always had my back with their thorough answers and unwavering support. I never felt like I didn't have a support system during my time in Cape Town, and because of Bridging Gaps I was able to have the time of my life living outside of my home country for the first time!

I feel like I’m leaving with skills I never had before! After this internship I feel like I can confidently apply for jobs back home, knowing that I can actually do the things expected from me!

Hannah Adler (04/01/19)

Hannah Adler (UK)

Journalism Internship

Yes I do, it really put me outside my comfort zone, and I think it will look great on my CV! I really loved it and this experience will push me to do more things that I’m uncertain about.

Francesca Stratford

Francesca Stratford (UK)

Animal & Wildlife Internship

What distinguishes Bridging Gaps from so many other providers is their phenomenal communication and organisation skills. For a relatively small business, Julian and Lucie have nailed the initial application process, right through to the internship selection and assistance with accommodation booking. You are made to feel cared for and important - as a company who provides many young people with internship opportunities in and around Cape Town, they are knowledgeable, relatable and always around to help. Not only that, they are acutely aware of how significant the decision is to embark on an internship abroad, so you are treated patiently and with understanding right up to the moment you get on the plane.


Peter Thomas (UK)

Journalism Internship

The Amazing Bridging Gaps & A Fantastic Cape Town Experience

After graduating, I was looking for an opportunity where I could apply all my years of education to a real-life job context. After a quick browse of my university's career website, Bridging Gaps seemed to be an internship provider popping up frequently. Quick scroll through their stylish website, application form quickly filled out, regular communication with the lovely Lucie - before I knew it, I was all booked and set for a summer (well, winter) in Cape Town!

What distinguishes Bridging Gaps from so many other providers is their phenomenal communication and organisation skills. For a relatively small business, Julian and Lucie have nailed the initial application process, right through to the internship selection and assistance with accommodation booking. You are made to feel cared for and important - as a company who provides many young people with internship opportunities in and around Cape Town, they are knowledgeable, relatable and always around to help. Not only that, they are acutely aware of how significant the decision is to embark on an internship abroad, so you are treated patiently and with understanding right up to the moment you get on the plane.

On the ground in Cape Town, there is a sense that the team are genuinely pleased to finally meet you in person. After initially being picked up by the fantastic Luigi at Cape Town International to meeting Julian and Lucie a day or two later, it becomes clear why Bridging Gaps place so much emphasis on getting to know their interns so well before they arrive. Everything is personal and friendly, the team gives you the lowdown on local quirks and provides you with all the information you'll need to live like a proper Capetonian.

Throughout the internship, Bridging Gaps are with you at every turn. After feeling slightly unsettled at the start of my internship, a quick coffee and chat with Lucie resolved the majority of my problems. Bridging Gaps are incredibly adept at understanding their interns, which undoubtedly stems from the wealth of knowledge they have gathered about each individual before they get to Cape Town. In my case, Lucie understood I needed to talk, and, while she did not hesitate to ask if I needed her input at my internship, was more than happy to discuss solutions to problems with me. Thorough, but not invasive, which is absolutely fantastic.

The internship itself was my personal highlight of Cape Town. I worked for ten weeks at the Cape Argus, and when I say work, I mean work! Considering my original job description suggested I would be "shadowing the news reporters", I could be forgiven for thinking there may be more than the occasional coffee round and trip to the photocopier: oh no. Edwin, Cape Argus' dedicated News Editor, threw me straight in at the deep end, sending me off to stories all over Cape Town. While this was mildly overwhelming at the start, I learned to swim very quickly and became a fully integrated member of the news team. I had my own stories on a daily basis, set up and conducted my own interviews, wrote my own articles; everything which would be expected of an employed news reporter, I completed as well.

This leads nicely onto my final thought: Bridging Gaps are fantastic, as a company they cannot be flawed, but as the person who is completing the internship, you are largely responsible for what you get out of it. Of course, Julian, Lucie and Luigi are always there to provide support, but you will certainly benefit from fully immersing yourself in the Cape Town culture and the working environment in the country. If you can do that, Cape Town and Bridging Gaps will be the best internship you could wish for in your lifetime.

Thank you once again, Julian, Lucie, Luigi, all my friends, colleagues and everyone else who was involved in my Cape Town experience. It was one that will live long in the memory, and I am sure I will see you again, South Africa.

You guys were awesome! First of all you helped organise so many events, like paragliding, skydiving and an amazing safari. You also were so helpful recommending places to go and getting us discounts! You’ve also been helpful with your constant check ins with us, and it was great to see if an intern was having a tough time, you stepped in and helped arrange a whole new internship for them within a matter of days. The social activities are also great!

Nour Sallam (EGY)

Journalism Internship

Bridging Gaps exceeded my expectations!

I was slightly nervous about the idea of going abroad on my own, but Bridging Gaps were very helpful with making me feel at ease and prepared. From the onset, they were ready with advice, tips, and even helped me out with my visa application before my arrival. On ground, they were always there to check in and make sure that my internship placement was going well, and that I always got the most of my time in Cape Town.

I was an intern at the Cape Argus, a newspaper that in the beginning threw me into the deep end, but by the end was highly rewarding. I would 100% recommend this program and this internship because the amount of knowledge, and experience I gained is very beneficial, and the friends and memories I made are priceless.

I think the most amazing thing about this city are the people! The spirit of the people shocked me most. People are so friendly, and they come up and talk to you and try to be helpful. People are always singing, even if they are working or standing around in the streets. I think the spirit of the people is really the thing I love most about Cape Town.

Chloe Leger

Chloe Leger (FRA)

Engineering & Sustainable development Internship

Elephants, sunsets and people

My internship was a unique experience, living apart of the Oude Molen Eco Village in Cape Town. Soon enough, I felt welcomed and apart of the community, surrounded by animals, gardens and children. I took on diverse projects, from 3D modelling the village to pool management. The human experience was enriching. 

Bridging gaps helped me to take a chance and leap into a whole new experience than I imagined. I explored my independance in the beautiful city of Cape Town, knowing I had a reliable support team. After over a month here, I’m leaving with some newly learnt ‘braaiing’ skills, insights to a different culture and countless new friends.

It went far beyond what I expected. I am really glad that I had experience with my placement. Working at the organisation I did my internship in has been one of the most important experiences of my life. I learnt a variety of areas from Environmental Law to Forced Migration. I was very satisfied.

Thomas Hall (06/09/19)

Thomas Hall (UK)

Human Rights law Intern

I think your service was really good! At first, I was a little concerned about the fees and was questioning what I was paying for. But, now I see just how valuable the service is that you provide.

Mathuzanth Goneswaramoorthy

Mathuzanth Goneswaramoorthy (GER)

Finance Internship

Unforgettable experience!

During my time in South Africa, I interned at a wealth management company who gave me great guidance and exposure to the financial sector. I also was able to enjoy the beautiful country through different activities such as hiking,sky diving, even waterfall abseiling and many more!

With the help and service of bridging gaps I know I was able to enjoy the trip a lot more because they are such incredible people who give their all into making sure every intern has a great time in South Africa.

The one thing I love the most about Bridging Gaps are the people that work for the company are really relatable and young and friendly! We often went out for dinner together or went out for coffee to chat a few times. It was always so easy to chat to them because they just acted like friends!

Mari Nelson

Mari Nelson (USA)

Film and Production Internship

Experience of a lifetime!

Living in Cape Town for 3 months was an incredible experience, and bridging gaps made everything so much easier for me! Lucie, Julian, and Luigi answered any questions I had pre departure and stayed in contact with me the whole time to make sure everything was going well.

The housing they found for me was the highlight of my experience. I met amazing friends from all around the world and also South African friends that showed me around the city. I loved how bridging gaps organized trips like safaris, for their interns to go on as well as just being around to meet for a coffee or lunch! They definitely made me feel welcome and make my stay in Cape Town 100x easier! Thank you!

The support aspect. We see you very regularly, and you are always checking up on us to make sure we are doing alright.

Ryan Watt

Ryan Watt (UK)

Film and Photography Internship

Unforgettable Summer with Bridging Gaps

I had a fantastic experience from start to finish with bridging gaps on my internship in Cape Town and it is definitely a Summer I will never forget.

The Bridging Gaps team are extremely helpful and always there if you have any questions or need advice. They are also extremely friendly and personable, and will make you feel very comfortable in Cape Town and are great fun when you see them at social events. 

As well as advice, Bridging Gaps were also a great help with booking and getting discounts on activities like skydiving, cliff diving and paragliding, just some of the many amazing things I was able to do in Cape Town. 

My internship at a TV company was great experience and I felt I was given the right amount of guidance and responsibility, and was something I do not think I would have found without Bridging Gaps. I learnt a lot during my 2 months and it will be great for my CV and path going forward.

As for Cape Town itself, the place is stunning with so many things to do and places to see. I can definitely say it is the most amazing place I have ever been to and would recommend it to anyone, and think that an internship with Bridging Gaps is the perfect way to see Cape Town.

I am really happy with how you helped me. You cared so much and you messaged me back every day, no matter what time it was. You really helped me a lot and I am really grateful for that. You did so much for me while I was here.

Xinyuan Zhang

Xinyuan Zhang (CHI)

Journalism Internship

Wonderful experience with Bridging Gaps!

I spent one month with Lucie and Julian in Cape Town which is really short but also memorable. Bridging Gaps provided me with wonderful social events and they really care about everything about me. Let me feel safe and sound here.

Meanwhile, I really love the internship in Cape Town TV and the coworkers are so nice that I could do anything I want. Lucie also helped me a lot to solve the problem. Thanks to Bridging Gaps, thank you for the wonderful experience!

Bridging Gaps has got the social and internship sides down to a T. So, I would highly recommend it!

Rachel Willems

Rachel Willems (NLD)

Human Rights/NGO Internship

Best experience!

Rachel Willems GoAbroad Review | August 22, 2018

Doing this internship in cape Town was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life, and a big part of that was the service provided by Bridging Gaps. Not only did they provide me with an internship that surpassed all my expectations, but they ensured that I had the opportunity to meet so many new people and explore Cape Town.

They were so helpful both during my stay but also beforehand, answering any questions I had. I can not recommend this opportunity and this company enough!

It was amazing! Before I came I never realized how hands-on Bridging Gaps would be. Bridging Gaps organized so many social events and you were always checking up on me and helped us book amazing activities. You were always looking out for us!

Monil Shah

Monil Shah (UK)

Business & Logistics Internship

Unforgettable experience

I did an 8 week internship at Pargo, a logistics company based in Cape Town. I really enjoyed my internship and learnt alot about how businesses operate and look to grow and develop. I met alot of really nice people, all of whom were always willing to help and really enhanced my internship to help me get as much out of it as possible.

The team at Bridging Gaps were amazing, they were always available to help us in anyway possible, no matter what time of day it was. They also organised alot of really fun socials, ranging from group dinners to trips to Boulders beach. Bridging Gaps were amazing even before I reached South Africa, addressing all my concerns in a very timely manner and making the organisation for my trip as simple as possible.

I really enjoyed my time with Bridging Gaps! Everyone else I met who was working through a different internship provider was envious that we were on this program in comparison to theirs.

Kitty Ive

Kitty Ive (UK)

Human Rights/NGO/Marketing Internship

A summer I won't forget !!!

Kitty's Review from Go Abroad | October 1, 2018

My summer in Cape Town was honestly one of the best experiences of my life!! I was working for the most amazing host company, and was supported by an as amazing company, Bridging Gaps. I was very fortunate to be working for the wonderful company, Regency Global where I was a digital and marketing intern, as well as a research coordinator. I was given responsibility from the get go, and now I am back in England, I am finding that I am able to draw amazing examples from what I experienced in South Africa with the work I'm doing at Uni! Bridging Gaps were beyond helpful, they were always there for you whenever you needed it, and they were such a laugh! Loved the wine trips !!!! I really do hope to come back to South Africa as my experience was so special, I would recommend it to anyone! Have a summer where you can work and have a holiday at the same time...!

Yes as soon as I showed my interest in coming, Lucie was very helpful and always got back to me very quickly. I felt like I could ask her whatever I wanted, and I’d get a response. Her information was always very accurate. Yeah there was good communication, and you were always there for support and advice so it was great.

Miranda Bell Pearson

Miranda Bell Pearson(UK)

Human Rights/NGO/Marketing Internship

The best summer ever!

Miranda's Review from GoAbroad | August 26, 2018

Bridging Gaps were a great provider, the team in Cape Town were lovely- so friendly and helpful!

Whilst I was there I came into personal difficulties and the team was so supportive, making sure I was well looked after and had everything I needed. The continuous support via text and email, really reassured me that I could count on them whenever I needed.

The internship was really rewarding and once I got stuck in with my own project I started to really enjoy my time there. My colleagues at Regency Global were amazing and always ready to give me advice and support. The internship was open to me deciding what I wanted to do while I was there. Although, at first I didn't have much to do, once I started to understand the way everything operated and the opportunities available it was easier to make an impact. Being involved in the organization's amazing projects has really inspired me to pursue a career working at an NGO and explore development work in Africa further.

The social activities that Bridging Gaps put on were always well organized and really varied, showing the best of what Cape Town had to offer.

I would highly recommend using Bridging Gaps to anyone who wants to get work experience in Cape Town whilst having a great time exploring and meeting new people.

I was able to put a smile on a sick's child face and that made all the difference. I made connections with these children and could see their face light up every time I stepped into the wards to spend time with them.

Ariana Santos

Ariana Santos (USA)

Medical & Public Health Internship

Such a rewarding and meaningful time!

Thanks to Bridging Gaps I was able to complete a two month internship with the Red Cross Children Hospital. Here I was able to directly interact with the patients and help them take their minds off their situations. I was able to put a smile on a sick's child face and that made all the difference. I made connections with these children and could see their face light up every time I stepped into the wards to spend time with them. I worked with an amazing group of volunteers whose main priority were keeping the children happy. Everyone was so nice and welcome at the hospital, it made it hard to say goodbye at the end of my time.

Lucie and Julian at Bridging gaps were just amazing! They always made sure I was comfortable with my internship placement, my accommodation and overall being in Cape Town. They provided weekly social events that really helped me better explore Cape Town while also meeting new people. They went above and beyond, answering any and all questions I had of the city. From knowing the best way to getting around town to knowing the best place to get dinner, they had all the answers! I came to the country by myself so it really helped to know I had someone here I could come to for help with anything. They even helped me before my trip by giving me advice on great must see things and helped with pick up from the airport and transport to where I would be staying. They were really great mentors and such amazing and sweet people.

I will always remember this experience I’ve had in Cape Town and I have them to thank!

You guys actually care and wanted to make sure I was getting the experience I actually came here for and I don't think I would have gotten that kind of service from another agency.

Meghan Pearson

Meghan Pearson (USA)

Human Rights & Marketing Dual Internship

Bridging Gaps exceeded my expectations time and time again. Without hesitation, I recommend them to anyone looking for a purposeful internship and an amazing living experience abroad.

I considered other placement companies but Bridging Gaps was the only company that not only listened, but sincerely cared about finding me the perfect internship and they succeeded! I absolutely LOVED my internship experience. I felt incredibly valued by the organization I interned at and gained unparalleled work experience that will actually help me land my dream job. 

Not only was I able to gain valuable work experience abroad, the Bridging Gaps staff guaranteed I made the most of living abroad as well. Bridging Gaps fully prepared me before my arrival and made sure every question was answered. Their staff is dedicated to making sure every intern is safe and comfortable during their trip and works tirelessly to resolve even the smallest problem. They even offer weekend activities like kayaking with penguins and paragliding. I cannot say enough about how great Bridging Gaps really is. Thank you so much for an amazing summer!

I wanted to live somewhere abroad for a bit- I wanted to travel but didn’t want to keep moving. I wanted to live somewhere where you experience everything and you know your way around and start to feel at home.

Lucy Voak

Lucy Voak (UK)

Human Rights & NGO Internship

Cape Town!

My internship at Regency Foundation Network provided me with the opportunity to work with an NGO who are making a difference to communities and businesses across Africa. I really enjoyed learning about their previous projects and contributing to the planning of their next series of 'It's Africa's Time' with a number of research tasks. The working environment was extremely comfortable and relaxed but at the same time productive through the implementation of regular meetings and team emails. The colleagues here at Regency are wonderful and I am fully satisfied with my internship and what I gained from it.

My experience with Bridging Gaps has been nothing but positive, I received full on support during the period before my arrival and throughout my entire stay here in Cape Town. There is not one problem that they cannot sort out and for this I am extremely grateful. The program feels very personal and can be flexible to meet a variety of needs; I would recommend Lucie and Julian to anyone.

Thanks so much for all your effort and this amazing experience!

Magdalena Junker

Magdalena Junker (GER)

Property Development & Consultancy Internship

My time in Cape Town was just amazing. Lucie and Julian helped me find a very interesting and great internship in such a short time and within two weeks I arrived in Cape Town and started working.

They helped me with everything I needed, they care so much about their interns well being and make it pretty easy to settle in into a new environment.

Right from the beginning it felt like having friends you could always contact no matter what the issue is. The social events on Saturdays are always fun and a nice way to get in touch with the other interns. Thanks so much for all your effort and this amazing experience!

As my mentors you guys have gone above and beyond time and time again! You have been so helpful throughout my time in Cape Town. When I go back to the UK if anyone is thinking of doing an internship abroad I will certainly say go with Bridging Gaps!

Ruth Ilott

Ruth Ilott (UK)

Journalism Internship

Journalism Internship

Working for the Cape Argus has been a rewarding experience. I have had the opportunity to get fully stuck into what a journalist's daily work life is really like. It has broadened my communication skills through my job being required to contact a variety of people and it has helped developed my interview skills. Through writing stories for the paper, I have gained a knowledge and understanding of how the Cape Town and South African community feel about certain issues within their society, and how there are certain people's voices and stories out there that need to be told. I will take what I have learnt here back to the UK and it has given me the confidence to try and find future placements and opportunities in media outlets back home or elsewhere abroad.

My experience with Bridging Gaps has been fantastic. My supervisors, Lucie and Julian, very much care about their interns' well-being and their experiences in Cape Town. They have been brilliant with making this experience a comfortable and enjoyable one through all their help and advice. They really do go above and beyond for you! They are very organised with providing you information about the city, your internship, accommodation etc. to make your stay a pleasant one. The social events that they have organised have been brilliant and I have met some lovely people on my internship in the group, my workplace and accommodation. Cape Town is such an interesting and awesome city to work in and explore. I would highly recommend Bridging Gaps to anyone planning to do an internship here.!

The support you guys gave me during my time here was more than I expected. I always felt I could call you guys if I needed anything at all which was amazing!

Ilayda Cakir

Ilayda Cakir (Turkey/UK)

NGO and Animal & Wildlife Dual Internship

Amazing 4 weeks!

The internship Bridging Gaps found me was with the Underdog Project. The Underdog project facilities workshops for children from underprivileged schools and as well as teaching them life skills classes, they teach them how to look after and build a relationship with the rescue dogs that live at the the Domestic Animal Rescue Group shelter in Hout Bay. I’ve learned a lot about Animal Assisted Therapy, how communication is carried out and how much impact their project is making for the kids and the dogs! You will learn how to be patient and learn so much about social and emotional needs of at risk youth who live in the surrounding townships. I’ve met some incredible people and my experience was humbling, rewarding and something I will never forget.

Interning with Bridging Gaps was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! From day one I felt safe and in good hands. My mentors were amazing and were always there for me 24/7. They arranged weekly social events for us to see more of Cape Town and they made sure we got the most from our travel. I would definitely recommend Bridging Gaps! You won’t regret it!

Oh I loved it! I really enjoyed the weekly social events and I really appreciated how often you were in contact with me to make sure everything was going well and I was enjoying myself and my internship. I felt like I could contact you or Julian whenever I needed to which made me feel really safe and comfortable here.

Taslima Kohinur

Taslima Kohinur (UK)

Marketing and Communications Internship

Cape Town!

Overall i had an exceptional experience in cape town.most importantly it taught me to be more open minded and independent.
in regards to my placement i received training on things ive never done before for example SEO on articles. my role was a content copywriter where i had to write a blog/article on chosen topics for example marketing silos or even if Facebook messenger is the new email.
The internship programme bridging gaps was a very helpful,well organised programme. always staying in contact with the interns and offering help.

Bridging gaps also organises weekend social events for interns such as table mountain, township tours and beach`s.
my overall experience was exceptional and i loved my four weeks in capetown especially the facts it was with bridging gaps.
i hope to come back one day as i fell in love with the city, however i felt 1 month was not enough to experience the whole city!

What separates Bridging Gaps from every other company is there love for what they do and the city that they live in. They truly care for each of their interns and provide tremendous help and support through the entire duration of the internship.

Leah Macaulay

Leah MacAulay (CAN)

Architecture Internship

Architecture Internship

From the day I first registered with Bridging Gaps to the time that I left, they made me feel at home.

On my first day in Cape Town they greeted me with open arms, showed me around the city, took me to my home and provided me with a phone and all the necessary tools and information that I would need to have a safe and enjoyable time.

They worked very hard to find me an internship with everything that I asked for and on the first day at work they drove me and continued to do so until I felt comfortable enough to walk or cab. The weekend social events were everything that I could ask for and more. They were the perfect way to meet new people and take in the history and beauty of Cape Town.

What separates Bridging Gaps from every other company is there love for what they do and the city that they live in. They truly care for each of their interns and provide tremendous help and support through the entire duration of the internship.

Without the help of Bridging Gaps my internship would not have been nearly as enjoyable.

During my internship I was in close contact with my mentors and they always wanted to make sure if everything's okay or if they could do anything for me. I really appreciate the way they took care of me.

Sarah Hieber

Sarah Hieber (GER)

Tourism & Hospitality Internship

The process of organizing my internship and the communication with Bridging Gaps before I came to Cape Town was very uncomplicated and professional. The whole process of contacting them until they found the perfect internship for me did not even take one week.

Due to the fact that It was my first time visiting Cape Town I was very excited and a little nervous about what would expect me there. With their warm and friendly welcome at the airport my mentors took away all my nervousness. I felt comfortable and well looked after from the very first moment on.

They provided me a phone with a local SIM card, gave me useful tips on how I could spend my first days in Cape Town and accompanied me to my accommodation and my working place.

During my internship I was in close contact with my mentors and they always wanted to make sure if everything's okay or if they could do anything for me. I really appreciate the way they took care of me.

If you're planning on doing an internship here and are looking for a company to arrange it for you, I can highly recommend you doing it with Bridging Gaps!

I met so many great people and totally fell in love with Cape Town. This was my first but definitely not my last time in this beautiful country and I'm happy that I made the right choice!

If you are searching for a way to experience not only what Cape Town has to offer but also gaining work experience and being guided by fantastic mentors, I would strongly recommend Bridging Gaps.

Olivia Hollands-Hurst

Olivia Hollands-Hurst (UK)

Animal Science & Human Rights volunteer

If you are searching for a way to experience not only what Cape Town has to offer but also gaining work experience and being guided by fantastic mentors, I would strongly recommend Bridging Gaps.

I immediately felt at home when I was greeted by the Bridging Gaps mentors. They looked after me so well, from being settled in at the hostel, to being given a South African sim and phone to checking to see if I needed anything, and giving me advice on local restaurants/ bars and extra activities I could do.

The whole process before I came to Cape Town was coordinated very smoothly, the team at Bridging Gaps gave me a great choice of organisations to pick and choose from. The organisation they found for me was brilliant, The Underdog Project taught me so much more about animal therapy and the huge benefits their programme has to the kids and the dogs. Thanks to Bridging gaps I gained some valuable experience that should help me further in my career.

My only regret is that I wish I could have stayed longer!

I opted for your Bootstrap programme package because I knew I didn't need all the added extras, but actually I was so surprised by how much the package included. Even the resources that I did receive from you exceeded my expectations!

Nothando Mahalobo

Nothando Mahalobo (UK/SA)

Psychology Internship

Psychology Internship with Bridging Gaps

Nothando’s Review from Go Abroad | September 15, 2017

Communication with Bridging Gaps before my internship was pleasantly uncomplicated, and my time in Cape Town was really lovely.

Bridging Gaps was amazing at fetching me from the airport, supporting me during my stay in Cape Town and they organised fun trips to all the surrounding activities that Cape Town had to offer. In addition to this, they also provided a great “Starter Pack” full of information on exciting things to do in Cape Town as well as just general safety information.

I would strongly advise you to go with Bridging Gaps. You will be supported at all times, experience fun and creative places as well as have a great experience of Cape Town.

Cape Town is by far my favourite city in the world and I cannot wait to return. Thank you Bridging Gaps for all your help and for giving me an adventure of a lifetime!

Chloe Astin

Chloe Astin (UK)

Events management


My experience of Bridging Gaps was fantastic from start to finish.  My trip to Cape Town exceeded all expectations and this is down to the local programme coordinators. Right from the initial enquiry they were nothing but professional and friendly. Prior to my arrival they helped me arrange everything from my visa to accommodation and the 'Events Management Internship' they handpicked for me was a huge success and has helped me kickstart my career. I met some fantastic people at work and it gave me the confidence and experience I needed to get a job on my return to London.

The programme coordinators also helped me get my bearings of Cape Town, informed me of the extensive activities the city offers and also gave me those little gems of knowledge that no guide book can provide. I felt like a local in a matter of hours! They introduced me to wonderful people, both locals and other interns and set up lots of social opportunities to meet new people.

Cape Town is by far my favourite city in the world and I cannot wait to return. Thank you Bridging Gaps for all your help and for giving me an adventure of a lifetime!

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