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    Human Rights & NGO Internship In Cape Town!

I wanted to live somewhere abroad for a bit- I wanted to travel but didn’t want to keep moving. I wanted to live somewhere where you experience everything and you know your way around and start to feel at home.

Lucy Voak (UK)

Human Rights & NGO Internship

Lucy is a graduate from the UK. She completed her degree in Social Anthropology at Manchester University. Lucy came to Cape Town in February 2018 for an eight week Human Rights and NGO internship. This is a transcription of Lucy’s end of internship debriefing.

Cape Town!

My internship at Regency Foundation Network provided me with the opportunity to work with an NGO who are making a difference to communities and businesses across Africa. I really enjoyed learning about their previous projects and contributing to the planning of their next series of ‘It’s Africa’s Time’ with a number of research tasks. The working environment was extremely comfortable and relaxed but at the same time productive through the implementation of regular meetings and team emails. The colleagues here at Regency are wonderful and I am fully satisfied with my internship and what I gained from it.

My experience with Bridging Gaps has been nothing but positive, I received full on support during the period before my arrival and throughout my entire stay here in Cape Town. There is not one problem that they cannot sort out and for this I am extremely grateful. The program feels very personal and can be flexible to meet a variety of needs; I would recommend Lucie and Julian to anyone.

Full Interview with Lucy

Lucy’s Thoughts About Her Internship

What were your reasons for wanting to come to Cape Town to do an internship?

I wanted to live somewhere abroad for a bit- I wanted to travel but didn’t want to keep moving. I wanted to live somewhere where you experience everything and you know your way around and start to feel at home. I wanted to add to my CV, and I thought Cape Town was a good place to do it because it’s still developing and it has a fascinating culture.

What was your ideal internship experience? What were you looking for?

I was looking to be involved with meetings and individual projects for an NGO focused on human rights.

How was your actual internship experience?

It was great all the staff at the NGO were so friendly and welcoming. I was able to be involved in other activities in Cape Town through them too. The work I was given was definitely important to the projects the organisation facilitates, although some of the tasks were a little monotonous some times. I understand that this comes with doing an internship and I really enjoyed the majority of it. I gained great experience to add to my CV too.

Lucy’s Thoughts About Cape Town

What has your overall impression on Cape Town been?

I really like it! There’s so much going on and so much to do. I would love to live here so I’ll definitely be coming back.

Was safety a concern coming down to Cape Town?

I wasn’t that concerned really because London is scary, everywhere is scary, you just have to be clever.

Lucy’s Thoughts About Bridging Gaps’ Service

Did Bridging Gaps help you prepare for your trip sufficiently?

Yes definitely. I would have liked to be introduced to the other interns beforehand though because I made such a good friend here and we could have done some other travelling together if I had chatted to her before.

What were your main fears or concerns about coming to Cape Town with Bridging Gaps?

Making friends- being by myself because I have never travelled by myself before.

How was your experience with Bridging Gaps while you were here in Cape Town?

You guys were so good! I really enjoyed the social events and you helped me settle in so much.

What was the best thing about Bridging Gaps?

Just being able to talk to you about anything, anytime of day. Getting recommendations on doing stuff on your own.

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