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    Marketing and Communications  internship In Cape Town!

Oh I loved it! I really enjoyed the weekly social events and I really appreciated how often you were in contact with me to make sure everything was going well and I was enjoying myself and my internship. I felt like I could contact you or Julian whenever I needed to which made me feel really safe and comfortable here.

Taslima Kohinur (UK)

Marketing and Communications Internship

Taslima is a student from the UK and she attends Manchester University. Taslima came to Cape Town for a 4 week internship in July 2017. She completed a marketing and communications internship with one of Cape Town’s leading digital marketing agencies. This is the transcription of Taslima’s end of internship debriefing.

Cape Town!

Overall I had an exceptional experience in Cape Town, most importantly it taught me to be more open minded and independent.
In regards to my placement I received training on things I’ve never done before, for example SEO on articles. My role was a content copywriter where I had to write a blog/article on chosen topics for example marketing silos or even if Facebook messenger is the new email.
The internship programme Bridging Gaps was very helpful and a well organised programme. They were always staying in contact with the interns and offering help.

Bridging gaps also organises weekend social events for interns such as Table Mountain, township tours and beach`s.
My overall experience was exceptional and I loved my four weeks in Cape Town, especially the fact it was with Bridging Gaps.
I hope to come back one day as I fell in love with the city, however I felt 1 month was not enough to experience the whole city!

Full Interview with Taslima

Taslima’s Thoughts About Her Internship

What were your reasons for wanting to come to Cape Town to do an internship?

I wanted to increase my employability for when I start applying for jobs after I graduate from university next year. My main reason for pursuing an internship was to gain work experience in the field of marketing. I also wanted to come and see South Africa and learn about the culture here and I had heard Cape Town is known for its beautiful scenery so I wanted to come and experience that!

What type of internship experience were you initially looking for?

I wanted to do an internship focused on marketing and advertising to gain experience in digital marketing specifically.

How was your actual internship experience in Cape Town?

It was really good!  I really enjoyed interning at the digital marketing agency I was placed in, especially because of the people I was working with.  My colleagues were so friendly and made my work environment really enjoyable.  They even showed me around Cape Town which I really appreciated. The work was quite intense in terms of the amount I had to do- I had deadlines everyday but they did provide me with a lot of training so I learnt so much.  I quickly got used to the fast paced environment and actually it turned out to be a positive thing that I had so much to do because I learnt way more than I thought I would.

Do you feel that the internship challenged and developed your skills?

Yes definitely I feel like I developed some really important marketing skills which will benefit me in the future. I also feel that my writing skills improved hugely throughout my internship. I did loads of research and I was writing articles every day so my proof reading and general writing definitely got better. I received a lot of guidance in terms of how to improve my content writing too which was really helpful.

Do you feel that you were given the opportunity to make a valuable contribution to your local host organisation?

Definitely! I was given a really important role because I had to do all the content copy writing for the digital marketing agency. I was the only person doing that at the time and I had to do SEO on all of my articles too which was quite challenging at first. I learnt so much though so I am really pleased I was given such important responsibilities.

I was also given so much guidance from my supervisor Tamara- she was amazing. I could always go to her to ask for help and she was a great mentor to have.

Taslima’s Thoughts About Cape Town

What fears did you have before coming to Cape Town with Bridging Gaps?

My main fear was travelling by myself because I had never done it before so it was quite a big deal for me. Having you and Julian here to reassure me the whole time, and just knowing you were only a phone call away if I ever needed you, made such a difference to me. I never would have done this without Bridging Gaps!

I also had amazing housemates while I was here so that really helped because I never actually had to do anything on my own during my time in Cape Town. I always had people to go out for dinner with and do things on the weekend with which I loved. I made great friends from all over the world!

I had also heard that Cape Town wasn’t the safest of places so I was quite concerned about that before I arrived. I was very aware of my surroundings when I first arrived and was very vigilant. However, actually after spending a month here I have realised that safety really isn’t a huge issue- I have actually never felt unsafe which surprised me. I mean I didn’t go out exploring the city on my own very much, but that’s just me as a person, but being worried about my safety didn’t affect my time here at all.

After spending some time in the city, what is your impression of Cape Town?

Oh it is so beautiful here! The vibe of the city is amazing and all the people here are really friendly and helpful- everyone wants you to have a good time here. South African culture has been amazing to experience I have really enjoyed learning about it. I definitely want to come back here for a holiday in the summer time and bring my friends so they can see the mountains and the beaches, they would love it! It is such a beautiful place.

Taslima’s Thoughts About Bridging Gaps’ Service

Did Bridging Gaps help you prepare for your trip sufficiently?

Oh yes definitely. I was given so much information on safety and things to do here when I first arrived. The orientation was great and the pack you gave me really helped me during my first week. You definitely gave me everything I needed. The only thing I wasn’t so prepared for was how cold it can get here during the night time!

How was your experience of Bridging Gaps while you were on the ground in Cape Town?

Oh I loved it! I really enjoyed the weekly social events and I really appreciated how often you were in contact with me to make sure everything was going well and I was enjoying myself and my internship. I felt like I could contact you or Julian whenever I needed to which made me feel really safe and comfortable here. Even when I cut my foot late at night you were the first person I messaged and you came to help me straight away which was so great. It really put my mind at ease being here on a programme rather than being by myself.

Also, the fact that you are from the UK really helped me. I felt I could immediately relate to you and talk to you about anything. When I first talked to you over skype even before I got to Cape Town, I immediately felt comfortable just because of who you are as a person- you’re very friendly! So this put my mind at ease during the lead up to my trip and especially during my first few days in Cape Town.

Would you recommend pursing an internship in Cape Town with Bridging Gaps to other people?

Definitely! I have already had a few people from university asking how I came to Cape Town to do an internship and I have told them about you so you may have some more of my friends from Manchester coming soon!

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