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The Best Parks to explore while visiting Cape Town

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November 20, 2020
by Lucie Hett

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Company Gardens

The Company Gardens are located right at the heart of the city and are sometimes referred to as the Hyde Park of Cape Town. The Gardens are easy to access and there is plenty to see and do, for example, visiting the museums or the historic buildings that it is home to. Walking around these beautiful parks, ponds and gardens would be a great way to unwind during your visit.

One of the Company Gardens main attractions is the Iziko South African Museum, which features one of two South African Planetariums. The museum holds over half a million specimens of scientific importance including fossils, insects and fish so there is definitely enough there to keep you entertained!

The parks are home to a number of squirrels who aren’t shy and will be happy to pose for you too!

Below is a review that nicely sums up the Company Gardens experience.

great inner city park with its history”- 5 stars

In the 17th century it used to be a fruit and vegetable garden for the Dutch East India Company. It is a park now with some great old trees (the oldest being over 300 years old), friendly squirrels, sculptures of famous South Africans (or South Africa related people) such as Cecil Rhodes, Henry Timson Lukin, George Grey, General Jan Christian Smuts. There are locals and tourist strolling around enjoying the atmosphere and the music of the buskers. It is a great place to spend an hour to relax in between visiting the neighbouring sites: Parliament, St Georges Cathedral, Slave Lodge, Jewish Museum, etc.

De Waal Park

De Waal Park was created in 1985 by David Christiaan de Waal. This park is seen as a beautiful tranquil park home to a diverse tree and bird population. This is the perfect place for a picnic or for a walk to relax. Many of the locals use this park on a regular basis for exercise or walking the dogs. De Waal Park seems to attract a variety of people for many different reasons.

Located in the heart of the city, this park is extremely easy to get to and will be great to visit between your tourist activities during the day to have a well-deserved break. It is located beneath Table Mountain so you can be sure to have some amazing views there!

Deer Park

This park is on the very edge of the city and is home to some amazing views of the city. This park is perfect for hiking and picnicking and so you could visit the park for a full day trip. The nature is truly abundant, from scrubby fynbos and carpeting succulents to statuesque trees and leafy paths; encapsulating the characteristics of the greater Table Mountain National Park.

There are a variety of walks you can take, from easy meanders to the more challenging climbs. There is something for everyone here. You could go for a morning walk and then grab a bite to eat at the deer park café on the way to your next activities. The deer park café has a breakfast lunch and evening menu so no matter what your plans are for the day you are guaranteed to be able to grab something to eat here.

Duration and Moderation of Hikes from Deer Park

Deer Park

Difficulty - Easy

Follow the path from the parking lot, start on the wooden walkways then head onto the mountain gravel. The path will naturally curve by the ‘dam’, it’s really more of a splash pool these days—or, to be frank, a doggie bath. Chill out here, and then continue on your way, you’ll now find yourself out of the sun and into a tunnel of trees. This leads to a beautiful mountain road with views of Devil’s Peak and Table Mountain, and soon you’ll find yourself at the beginning again.

Duration: 40 minutes.

Tafelberg Road

Difficulty - Moderate

Begin on the same route as the Circular one, but instead of following the curve, head straight up the incline to Tafelberg Road. Once there, if you’ve still got energy, head up Platteklip Gorge.

Duration: one hour, depending on fitness levels.

*no official trail names

Link up to these routes from Deer Park

Devils Peak

Difficulty - Moderate

Recommended route for its outstanding views: Table Mountain, Lions Head, City Bowl, Table Bay, Robben Island, and Northern Suburbs, all laid out for your peepers. Read more about this hike.

Woodstock Cave

Difficulty - Moderate

At the end of the tarred section, walk a further 100 metres on the dirt road and you will see a metal gate with stone pillars. The hike up to the cave begins a few steps before this gate; it is a little bit hidden. The route zigzags its way slowly up the slope and will bring you to Woodstock Cave’s mouth. Read more about this hike.

Tip: You can stay over in heart of Deer Park at The Wash House, which is part of the original historical Wash House complex where Cape Town’s washer women plied their trade in the mid to late 19th century. This house is built on the slopes of Table Mountain and was carefully restored to blend seamlessly with its natural surroundings.

Another tip: One of Cape Town’s favourite pizza places is a stone’s throw away from the park. Treat yourself at Woodlands Eatery after your walk.

Green Point Park

Cape Town stadium is home to Green Point Park; a piece of paradise in the middle of the City. For a fun day out, outdoor exercise, romantic walks and healthy activities; this is a beautiful natural place to get some fresh air and be social. This garden is composed of a rich variety of flora indigenous to the Cape, and offers the only Biodiversity Showcase Garden of its kind, featuring 25 000 indigenous plants, trees, shrubs, bulbs and groundcovers, consisting of 300 different plant species.

Below is a review that nicely sums up the Green Point Park experience.

“Heaven in the heart of Cape Town”- 5 stars

This is the perfect place to get some peace and quiet and learn about the flora and fauna. There are a few paths that you can follow which are well sign posted. Along the paths, you will find sign boards that will tell you more about the various vegetation. This is a great spot for the kids to learn a bit about the environment. There are play parks here as well for the younger kids. It is well worth a visit.


Some of these parks are featured in the Historical city running tour (£35.41) and the Cape Town city cycling tour (£35.41). Both of these tours should be booked in advance.


De Waal Park

Company Gardens

Deer Park

Green Point Park


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