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Budgeting for your Cape Town adventure!

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· Posted on
November 20, 2020
by Lucie Hett

Here at Bridging Gaps we understand the importance of people’s individual needs, especially when it comes to travelling and working in a new country. That is why we have two different tailored programme packages, each with different levels of specialised features included in the price, and each suitable for different people looking for different experiences of Cape Town.

The Bootstrap is our placement only package starting at £995.  The Concierge is our comprehensive, full support package and the programme fee is £1495. All our programmes are completely flexible in start date and duration so it is up to you when you would like to begin your placement, and how long you would like to do it for.

Accommodation costs:

We offer three main types of accommodation for your time in Cape Town.  Here are the details and cost of each option:

Bridging Gaps apartment

  • Sharing a room with another intern from 295 GBP
  • Single room from 420 GBP
  • Wireless Internet p/m = 18 GBP
  • Secure building
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Fully furnished apartment
  • Weekly clean included
  • Linen and towel provided

House/apartment share with local professionals

  • Private room in shared accommodation from 450 GBP
  • Internet included unless otherwise stated
  • Electricity included unless otherwise stated
  • No off-road parking unless otherwise stated
  • Fully furnished
  • Private bedroom
  • Shared living area
  • No cleaning service included

Private studio apartment in student accommodation

  • Private studio apartment from 520 GBP
  • Fully Furnished apartment
  • Wireless Internet included
  • Studio Apartment - no shared living area.
  • 24-hour security in the building
  • Modern amenities
  • Weekly cleaning service included
  • Centre of Town
Bridging Gaps - Lions Head
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It is possible to fly to Cape Town from all major airports around the world, although you will find that most flights stop at Johannesburg on the way.  The costs of tickets to Cape Town vary hugely depending on the number of flights you are willing to take on your journey!  A return flight to Cape Town international airport with only one stop at Johannesburg should cost you no more than R14,000.

Here are some good websites to look at when looking for affordable flights to Cape Town:




Currency in Cape Town:

The currency used in South Africa is Rand.  For the most up to date exchange rates please click here

Most shops in Cape Town will accept all major credit and debit cards so it will be fine to bring your home bank card to use here.  It is important to note the international fees for every transaction are typically very high and it is crucial that you inform your bank before you depart your home country that you will be in Cape Town for your specific dates.

Tipping: The standard amount to tip waiters in restaurants is between 10%-15%.   In South Africa, it is also the norm to tip bartenders, between R5-R10, each time they serve you.


The cost of transport in Cape Town:

There are several ways of getting around Cape Town and in general the cost of public transport is extremely cheap.


We advise that during the day you explore the city of Cape Town on foot.  It is safe to do so and you will discover the real hidden gems of the city by wondering around the incredibly diverse areas.  There are a number of companies that offer free walking tours of the city:


Cape Town sightseeing


Uber is now an established service in Cape Town and it is extremely reliable, safe and affordable.  For example the cost of a 7km journey from the centre of town to Camps Bay beach is approximately R55.

Other than Uber there are two other established taxi companies in Cape Town- Excite and Rikkis and both provide affordable and reliable services.

Excite Taxi’s charge R9 per kilometre.

Rikkis Taxis charge R10 per kilometre.


Rikkis Taxis contact number: 0214473559

Excite Taxis contact number: 0214484444


There are two main types of buses that operate in and around the city- MyCiti buses and Golden arrow buses.   On average both services charge about R1 per kilometre.


More information about the Golden Arrow bus routes and timetables can be found at: Golden Arrow routes

Car Hire:

There are a huge number of car hire companies in and around Cape Town and you will have a large number of differently priced vehicles to choose from.  On average for a middle of the range car, you will be spending between R150-R200 per day.

Recommended car hire companies:

Rent a Cheapie

Tempest car hire

Budget car hire

The cost of food and drink in Cape Town:

Throughout your time in Cape Town you will be pleasantly surprised by how far your money can go towards enjoying the range of incredible restaurants, bars and coffee houses the city is home to.  It is possible to get a nice meal and a bottle of wine in most eateries in Cape Town, for less than R130.  If you are looking to treat yourself to something a little fancier, you will spend between R250 – R350 per person in one of Cape Town’s top restaurants.

Alcohol is also extremely cheap in Cape Town.  A middle of the range bottle of wine will cost you no more than R50 in a liquor store, and a 6 pack of local beer will set you back R65.  In most bars around town a pint of beer will cost you about R35 and any double spirit and mixer is no more than R50.

The average cost of a flat white in Cape Town is about R25, but you will have no problem parting with your money once you have experienced a cup of the best coffee in the world from ‘Truth’, one of the city’s most famous coffee houses.


The cost of groceries in the supermarket does increase quite regularly in Cape Town, however prices are still relatively low with a litre of milk currently priced at R13 and a loaf of bread at R10.  Fruit and vegetables are very reasonably priced in the shops and so is meat and non perishable goods.

The cost of leisure activities:

Other than indulging in the delectable food culture, visitors can also explore the un-paralleled number of leisure activities for which the Cape is famous: vibrant markets exhibiting gorgeous locally made goods, compelling museums, idyllic outdoor concerts, exciting international sporting contests and thrilling adventure activities- none of which will break your budget!

Most of the cultural, music and sporting events that are held in Cape Town, are very reasonably priced.  A ticket to watch the rugby at Newlands costs between R150 – R350 depending on your chosen seats, and an evening at Kirstenbosch for one of the famous summer concerts will set you back no more than R140.  This is the same for most of the major tourist attractions with a return cable car journey up Table Mountain costing R255 with discounts for students and children available, and entry to Cape Point nature reserve priced at R125 per adult.

As well as the major attractions Cape Town is famous for, there are also a lot of exciting things to see and do for free!  There are hundreds of spectacular hiking trails to discover, picturesque beaches to relax on and monuments, museums and markets to explore.  For more ideas of free activities on offer in Cape Town, check out this great article by Cape Town magazine: Things to do for free in Cape Town

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