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New! Immersive conservation programmes

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· Posted on
October 17, 2020
by Julian Maron

We are now offering 4 unique new conservation programmes. Find out more below and click to view all the details.

Immersive Big Cat Conservation Programme

Make a meaningful contribution in an ethical big cat sanctuary. This programme gives you the unique opportunity to practically contribute to the well-being of African wildlife as part of a truly ethical sanctuary for rehabilitated big cats. You will be involved with hands-on conservation work to help sustain and maintain the sanctuary and its 26 big cats. Another key part of this programme is assisting with various advocacy initiatives such as educational workshops to spread awareness and act as ambassadors to the species.

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Unique Kruger Big Five Research Learnership

This programme allows you to fully immerse yourself in the African bush whilst conducting important research focused on the Big Five and reserve management. You’ll join an experienced and dedicated research team and live in an authentic campsite within Kruger National Park. During this programme you’ll assist with a range of practical conservation activities. This is a truly unique opportunity to contribute towards long term ecological monitoring and research aimed at better understanding best practices for reserve management and endangered species preservation.

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Exclusive African Big Five Conservation Learnership

During this programme you’ll assist with crucial non-invasive research on private Big Five game reserves in the beautiful Western Cape. This programme gives you the opportunity to join a passionate team that focuses on behavioural research on free-roaming wildlife, ethical and sustainable conservation practices and meaningful conservation education initiatives. This is an amazing opportunity to support sustainable wildlife management in Southern Africa and be involved in important hands-on research. You’ll also get to experience the beauty of the famous Garden Route!

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Holistic African Elephant Research and Conservation learnership

This is a unique opportunity to contribute to research focused exclusively on African elephants. During this programme you’ll get to live on a beautiful elephant park in the heart of South Africa's Garden Route and you’ll spend your days actively assisting in practical research on a semi-wild elephant herd. The research team you’ll join aims to provide vital information that can be used to guide elephant management to better suit the welfare needs of African elephants in captive facilities. You’ll also have the exciting opportunity to educate park visitors on the elephants and wider conservation topics.

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