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Calculate the cost of your trip to Cape Town in moments using our calculator. Then read the information below about the different aspects of Cape Town living costs.
Please note: The figures below are based on estimations – prices may vary.

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    Now select the kind of stuff you would like to do when you're here.

    First up, tell us what social stuff you think you'll get up to most weeks. Simple excursions are things like going to the cinema, museum, theatre etc.


    If you'd like to include some big experiences in your trip, flip the switch and add the adventures you'd like to go on. This will update the price below!


    Invest your time and skills in a local organisation in Cape Town and gain professional and meaningful work experience to add to your CV.

    Food + Living + Social + Adventures + Internship Programme
  • Total: {totalCost} Average per week: {averageWeekly}

    The total cost of your trip to Cape Town based on your choices above is {totalCost}. This works out at an average weekly cost of {averageWeekly} for a {tripDuration} week stay. This cost covers everything except for your flight and visa (if needed).

    Here's what you told us about your adventure:

    You'd like to come to Cape Town for {tripDuration} weeks and you'd like to stay in a lovely {roomtype} (which will cost £{accommodationPreference} per week) to give you plenty of opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Cape Town and convenience for your workplace. You're going to spend around £{living} each week on the basics like food-shopping, internet and phone usage and travel around Cape Town. When it comes to enjoying the immense range of cultural events and social gatherings Cape Town has to experience, you said you wanted to spend a little bit of cash on things like cinema, theatre, local markets, wine-tasting and ... a few drinks. Lovely! Together, that lot will cost around £{social} per week. You've also included £{adventures_total} for big excursions and adventures like {shark_text}{abseil_text}{skydive_text}{paraglide_text}{bungee_text}.

    Your internship programme, {progr}:

    Of course your time in Cape Town is dedicated to serving a local organisation whilst building exceptional experiences into your CV, and you selected {progr}. {programme_benefits}
  • Bootstrap is the best value way that we know of to intern/volunteer with an exceptional organisation in Cape Town. It is a minimalist service consisting of the core features and benefits that budget conscious travellers are looking for just a brilliant placement.
  • Concierge is our middle tier Cape Town internship, providing interns and volunteers with everything included in Bootstrap and many additional benefits and enhanced Cape Town based support including free career seminars and meetups. You will also benefit from two free social gatherings per month which are included in your fee.
  • Ambassador is the most exclusive and advanced internship programme available in Cape Town's. It includes everything in Bootstrap and Concierge and piles on a lot more value. We have learned from years of experience and by reviewing all Cape Town providers and designed a package that includes everything except the kitchen sink. You just need to turn up in Cape Town and everything else will be taken care of for you including pickup/drop-off, ongoing travel, mobile phone and comms, accommodation, social meetups (included), you can also choose one of the premium activities you mentioned above ({adventures_text}) for free! Moreover, you'll have virtually unlimited access to the Bridging Gaps team whilst you're here and even after your trip to Cape Town.
  • Please note that the above is an estimate, and does not constitute a formal offer. Send us an enquiry here and we'll walk you through everything!

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Example Costs of Living for Cape Town

Food Costs in Cape Town

How much does it cost to eat in Cape Town?

Cape Town has lots of budget friendly food options.  Here are some typical meals and their costs for eating in or out.

Eating In

  • Steak, fries and salad: £4.70
  • Nice Pizza, cooked from frozen: £4.00

Eating Out

  • Burger, fries and a salad: £4.00
  • Pizza with side salad: £5.30
  • Fillet Steak and Fries: £7.00
  • Fish Meal £8.25

Activity Costs in Cape Town

Cost of cultural events and activities in Cape Town
  • Live music gigs and similar entertainment events: £5
  • Cultural events
    • Exhibitions: £3
    • Museums: £3
    • Theatre productions: £3
  • Film at the cinema: £4
Costs of simple excursions and tourist activities in Cape Town

Here is a selection of different activities which we have classed as ‘Simple Excursions’ in the calculator above.

  • Cable car up table mountain: £15
  • Robben Island Tour: £17
  • Hout Bay Boat ride: £5
  • Wine Tasting tour: £25
  • Hop on Hop off bus: £10
  • Rugby game at Newlands: £8
  • Whale watching cruise: £30
  • Dolphin kayaking: £20
  • Townships tour: £18
  • Stand up paddle boarding: £10
  • Visits to markets: free
  • Hiking trails: free
Costs of big excursions and slightly wilder activities in Cape Town
  • Shark cage diving: £80
  • Abseiling Table Mountain: £60
  • Paragliding: £60
  • Skydiving: £120
  • Bungee jump: £65

Bridging Gaps can help organise all of the excursions above.

Accommodation Costs in Cape Town

Costs of hostels, AirBNB, apartments etc in Cape Town

Apartments (per week)

  • Room in student accommodation: 320
  • Basic Shared Apartment: £100
  • Luxury Shared Apartment: £100
  • Basic Studio Apartment: £100
  • Luxury Studio Apartment: £100

AirBNB Rooms (per week)

A sample of rooms from AirBNB:


Simple room ≈ £20-25 per night

Luxury room ≈ £40-50 per night

Discounts are normally available for stays in excess of one week.

Hostels (per week)

Drink Costs in Cape Town

Beer, wine and cocktail costs in Cape Town

As well as being friendly for your food budget, Cape Town is easy on your drinks budget too!

We are surrounded by several world-class vineyards and we also have a thriving micro-brewery scene, offering hundreds of premium beers for you to sample too!

Here are some typical drinks costs:

Cost of Beer

  • Bottle of Beer: £1.50
  • Bottle of Beer (Local Brewery): £2.00
  • Pint of Draught Lager: £1.50

Cost of Wine

  • Glass of Local Red Wine: £2.00
  • Bottle of Local Red Wine: £6.50
  • Glass of Local White Wine: £2.00
  • Bottle of Local White Wine: £6.50

Cost of Other Drinks

  • Mojito Cocktail: £2.60
  • Pina Colada Cocktail: £2.60

Other Drinks

  • Catemba (Red Wine & Coke mixture): £2.50
  • Bottle of Coke: £1.00
  • Bottle of Water: £0.90

Costs of Internship Programmes in Cape Town

Bridging Gaps is one of a handful of providers of internships and volunteering opportunities in Cape Town. We have created three packages of internship programmes to suit all budgets and needs.
Our most basic internship programme (Bootstrap) costs £995 and our advanced internship programme (Ambassador) costs £2595.

Bootstrap has a lower fee than the other internship programme providers, it is for budget-conscious travellers who wish to build their experience base on a shoestring.  Ambassador offers a higher level of service and multiple extra benefits for an additional cost – which still only makes it around the same price as other providers’ programmes – but Ambassador has many more advantages over other providers internship placements in Cape Town.

Why do I have to pay for an internship in Cape Town?

Unfortunately due to South African law, paid internships are not available to foreigners without a work permit and sponsorship from a local company.  These are EXTREMELY difficult to obtain, therefore the norm in Cape Town is that all internships are offered on a voluntary basis. We will soon be publishing a comparison of different providers’ internship programme prices.

Other Expenses in Cape Town

Home Expenses
  • One person weekly shop: £40
  • Internet access (broadband connection): £5
Travel Expenses
  • Five days bus travel to/from place of work: £20 (per week)
Uber Rates for Cape Town


Base fare: £0.29
Cost per min: £0.04
Cost per km: £0.29
Service fee: £0.00
Cancellation fee: £1.47


Base fare: £1.17
Cost per min: £0.04
Cost per km: £0.29
Service fee: £0.00
Cancellation fee: £1.47


Base fare: £0.88
Cost per min:: £0.07
Cost per km: £0.70
Service fee: £0.00
Cancellation fee: £2.65

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