Covid-19 FAQs

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Are there any tourists in your city?

YES! Cape Town has been welcoming tourists throughout the pandemic, depending on the restrictions. Cape Town remains one of the top destinations to travel to around the globe as there are plenty of exciting attractions for visitors to enjoy. Check out what the UK telegraph has to say about Cape Town as a destination to travel to. UK Telegraph

Are there still things to do?

Yes! Cape Town is buzzing with endless restaurants, bars, museums, wine farms, and more. Find out more about what there is to do in Cape Town on our blog here.

Do you need to be vaccinated for travel?

If unvaccinated, you will need to present a negative PCR test in order to enter the country. During your stay, you will not need to supply proof of Covid tests or Covid vaccinations to enter restaurants, bars, shops or travel locally.

Is it safe to travel?

There will always be an element of risk in travelling to any destination. As long as travellers are abiding by the local covid regulations of their destination and doing their best to stay safe and healthy, they are able to enjoy peace of mind as travel resumes again.

What is life like post covid?

As we regain a sense of normality in South Africa, locals, as well as tourists, are always encouraged to be cautious by washing hands as often as possible and wearing masks while in indoor public spaces.

What is the vaccine policy in Cape Town?

As of 24 March 2022, South Africa is open to all travellers. Travellers arriving in South Africa must present either proof of Covid-19 vaccination or a negative PCR test in order to enter the country. Proof of vaccination is not required for day to day activities, such as going to restaurants, bars, shops etc.

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