Internship FAQs

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Are there good media job opportunities in Cape Town?

Cape Town is known for its vast film, photography and media presence. As a relatively cheap location for filming the naturally beautiful backdrops of the Western Cape, many film studios have been established full time in the city, as well as international projects which choose to film in Cape Town. 

Can I get experience in other areas alongside my Civil internship?

Yes we will help you to develop all the skills you wish alongside your main focus of Civil Engineering. If this means getting you some time with another organisation (even if outside of Civil) then we can make that happen too.

Can I work at more than one organisation or school during my time in Cape Town?

Usually we limit our placement search to one organisation for you because it is more beneficial to yourself and the organisation if you only commit to one place.  We find that the longer our participants stay at their placement, the more they learn and gain from the experience.  However, if you are planning on staying in Cape Town for over 6 months, then we can explore more than one option for you.  Also, we can facilitate weekend volunteering opportunities for anyone who is interested.

Can an architect be rich?

Architecture can be a very profitable industry to get involved with. As the qualifications are not easy to obtain, they are in high demand and entry-level jobs are relatively higher paying than other industries.

Do I have to have previous journalism experience to take part in this internship?

No definitely not.  Some writing samples or experience writing for a school or university paper would be beneficial, but it is not necessary.  English students stand in very good stead to be offered a fantastic journalism internship position too.

Do I need advertising, marketing or communications experience to do this internship?

Not necessarily. The organisations look at a lot more than experience, they are looking for people that will help them achieve their goals. So, demonstrate good character and skills, and you’ll be in with a great chance of being selected.  Previous experience in the field is always beneficial though!

Do I need architecture experience to do this internship?

Not necessarily, however it is required that you have already embarked on an architecture course, or have been accepted to do so within the next year.  A good understanding of maths, as well as an interest in design and drawing are also beneficial.

Do I need civil engineering experience to do this internship?

Not necessarily. The organisations look at a lot more than experience, they are looking for people that will help them achieve their goals. So, demonstrate good character and skills, and you'll be in with a great chance of being selected.

Do I need experience in finance or banking in order to do this internship?

Not necessarily no.  A lot of the large, international banks and financial service providers we work with do require their interns to have some relevant work experience or to be currently studying economics or finance however, we also collaborate with some smaller firms that are happy to take on interns with no experience at all.

Do I need interior design experience to do this internship?

Not necessarily. The firms we collaborate with look at a lot more than just experience, they are looking for people that will help them achieve their goals. So, demonstrate good character and skills, and you’ll be in with a great chance of being selected.  Previous experience and some practice using design software would be beneficial though.

Do I need to have previous teaching experience to do this internship?

No it is not a requirement that you have any previous teaching experience but it is beneficial if you have some experience working with children.  The schools we collaborate with are more likely to offer you an internship opportunity if you have some experience in au pairing, sports coaching, camp leadership or any other similar position.

Does it matter if I have no film or photography experience?

No! As long as you are passionate about film, photography or editing and you are enthusiastic and motivated to learn, we can find you an exciting internship opportunity!

How can I become a journalist?

Obtaining a degree in journalism or a related discipline is a good place to start. To get a job you will likely need a portfolio of work which you can start to build by publishing your own content through participating in some kind of internship or entry-level job.

How can I enter the film industry?

Employers look for industry-specific experience when hiring within the film sector. A great way to gain this experience would be to take on an apprenticeship, internship or an entry-level graduate job within the industry to help you gain some experience and stand out amongst other applicants.

How can I get a first-year B Tech internship?

Securing an internship for first-year students can seem daunting, however, there are many opportunities available. Oftentimes, going through an internship agency is a good option as many companies and startups look to outsource to fill their intern roles. Students can also enquire with their schools to see if there are any on or off-campus opportunities they can apply to, or if there are any specific academic requirements needed for internships. 

How can I get an internship in an NGO?

Interning at an NGO or NPO is a wonderful way to launch your career in the non-profit sphere. As many nonprofit organisations rely on the work of volunteers and interns, there is generally a need to fill these positions. Often, due to the heavy workload experienced by staff members of these organisations, intern placements are organised by third party companies like Bridging Gaps, to help them source the best candidates to fill their vacant positions.

How can I get experience as a social worker?

All types of social work require some practical hours of experience before obtaining a license. Examples of placements you could get involved with include, educational institutes, family and children clinics, counseling centers and youth or adult service centers. The amount of hours required depends on the type of social work role you are interested in pursuing.

How can a beginner become a web developer?

When beginning a career in web development, learning to code is an essential first step. You could acquire a degree or partake in some kind of coding boot camp. From there you will need to build a portfolio of work and projects to build your personal brand as a web developer. 

How do I become a successful event planner?

Building a wealth of client testimonials is key for success in any sort of service-related industry. Ensuring that all events are executed efficiently and in line with your clients needs will give you the best chance of being successful.

How do I become an event planner with no experience?

In any service-based industry, you will require some form of experience to build your portfolio and brand. An event planning degree is not necessary, however experience in event planning and a portfolio of work or client testimonials are essential. If you are considering launching an event planning service, an excellent way to begin would be by gaining practical experience through an internship, volunteering to plan events for a local nonprofit organisation, or perhaps offering pro bono work to a friend to gain experience and client reviews. 

How do I get a good financial internship?

Some top tips to landing a great financial internship are; having a well-written resume/CV and displaying a high level of professionalism and flexibility during interviews. Some candidates opt to apply through agencies, which handle many of the administrative aspects of searching for a company to intern for. 

How do I get a job in human rights?

Passion for your work is first and foremost an essential part of breaking into the human rights industry. Many roles will have a minimum requirement of a bachelor's degree in human rights, international relations, anthropology, history, social work or related disciplines. Having some work experience can be hugely beneficial when looking for jobs in this field.

How do I get a job in sustainability?

There are many paths one can take in order to get into the sustainability field, often, the first aspect to consider is a field of study. Some universities offer a degree in sustainability, other popular fields of study include: engineering, law, ecology, international development and many others.. 

How do I get a psychology internship?

Many universities require clinical hours to receive a psychology degree. Often psychology internships can be arranged through the University or college, or students have the option to search and obtain internships for themselves. In our case, some may consider using an internship provider such as Bridging Gaps, to help them source the best internships available based on their personal and professional goals. One would be able to apply for credit through our organisation to fulfil their university and academic requirements in the psychology field. 

How do I get an architecture internship abroad?

There are many ways to go about getting an architecture internship abroad. The simplest and most popular is to go through an agency that can source the best opportunities for you and assist in the logistics of your internship planning. When choosing a provider it is important to look at their services, their fees affiliated with their programmes, the partners they work with and the success rate and reviews from their previous interns. 

How do I get experience in interior design?

The simplest way to get interior design experience is to become an assistant to a well-established designer within the industry or to participate in an internship at a design firm. These types of experiences will allow you to gain important insights into the industry and build your own portfolio of work which you can use to approach potential clients.

How do I get into consulting?

To get into a consulting service of any kind, you will need to have in-depth knowledge or experience in the niche you are offering consulting services for. To get into any consulting, it is important to establish yourself as an expert in your respective field. This can be gained through extensive studying or training, years of experience or working directly with other consultants.

How do I prepare for a PR internship?

When preparing for your internship it's always helpful to do some background research on your host organisation. Understanding their brand, services and clientele will make for a good impression and lay a great foundation for success in your internship.

How do I prepare for a marketing internship interview?

There are a lot of useful tips to consider when preparing for a marketing interview. It is always a great idea to do some background research on the company, their branding and message, their clients, and any other useful information available. Knowing basic information about the company before an interview shows your initiative and helps you stand out against other candidates.

How do I start a career in international law and policy?

The first requirement for entering the international law field is to be certified as a lawyer through the BAR exam. You would typically need a masters of law (LLM) as well. 

How do I start a career in international law?

The first requirement for entering the international law field is to be certified as a lawyer through the BAR exam. You would typically need a masters of law (LLM) as well. 

How do I start a photography business with no experience?

It is very difficult to start any business without previous knowledge or experience. When looking to start your own photography business it is important to have either previous experience or technical training to build client trust. Gaining experience can be done in a number of ways. You may consider becoming an assistant to a well-established photographer, interning to build your own profile and learn the trade or doing pro bono shoots for people you know. Once you've built up your own portfolio, established your expertise and have some positive client reviews, you are well on your way to launching a successful photography business. 

How do I study for a medical internship?

If you are a medical student, you will not need to study in addition to your courses in order to participate in an internship. Most organizations recognize that interns are typically students or recent graduates looking to learn and gain valuable experience. The organisation will take this into account when designating proposed roles and responsibilities.

How do I succeed in consulting?

To succeed in consulting you'll need to become an expert in your field, always exceed client expectations, seek mentorship and continue to learn as your career continues. 

How do Web developers get internships?

A web development internship can take place within a company which specialises in all things web related. Working alongside other developers assisting to develop or maintain their online presence is a great way to gain practical knowledge within the field.

How do you become a wildlife conservationist in Africa?

For most entry level conservation roles, a minimum requirement would be a bachelor's degree in animal conservation, biology, ecology, environmental sciences or other relevant fields. For more advanced roles within the industry, a masters degree may be required along with plenty of relevant work experience. Getting a foot in the door and gaining experience can be difficult, however, internships with game reserves, national parks and eco-tourism companies are a great way to launch your career and build fantastic contacts within the industry. 

How long does it take to become a conservationist?

This depends on your education and work background. Generally, most entry-level conservation jobs will require a minimum of a bachelor's degree in a relevant discipline as well as some previous field experience. An internship is a great way to get your foot in the door in this competitive industry and make important contacts that can help bolster your career.

How long is an engineering internship?

Our engineering internships are a minimum of two weeks, however we suggest at least four weeks or more to give you the necessary time to get involved with the company's projects and gain more confidence in your work.

How much do architect interns make an hour?

Since South African law prohibits any foreign nationals from doing any form of paid work in the country without a valid working visa, all architecture internship opportunities for international visitors are unpaid. Local South African's can get paid for an internship but paid opportunities are difficult to find. A lot of companies offer a small stipend to cover travel and other costs. The wage that architecture interns can expect to earn in other countries very much depends on the location and type of company they work for. Architecture interns will generally be offered a higher wage in places where the cost of living is higher.

How much do biological science majors make?

Biological science majors open the door to many possible career fields including; pharmacy, research, ecology,  biotechnology, teaching, medicine, forensics and conservation. The salary one can expect to make with a biological science major depends on which of these career fields one chooses to pursue. Professionals in the fields of medicine and biotechnology are amongst the highest earners. 

How much do economic developers make?

Economic developers' salaries can vary quite drastically depending on the position. Higher paying career opportunities could be to work for the government on international relations/policies. Other roles could include working in economic consulting which can be very profitable as well. 

How much do electrical engineer interns make?

Since South African law prohibits any foreign nationals from doing any form of paid work in the country without a valid working visa, all the internship opportunities for international visitors are unpaid. Local South African's can get paid for an internship but paid opportunities are difficult to find. A lot of companies offer a small stipend to cover travel and other costs. The wage that electrical engineering interns can expect to earn in other countries very much depends on the location and type of company they work for. Electrical engineer interns will generally be offered a higher wage in places where the cost of living is higher. 

How much do engineering interns make an hour?

Since South African law prohibits any foreign nationals from doing any form of paid work in the country without a valid working visa, all engineering internship opportunities for international visitors are unpaid. Local South African's can get paid for an internship, however paid opportunities are difficult to find. A lot of companies offer a small stipend to cover travel and other costs. The wage that engineering interns can expect to earn in other countries very much depends on their location and the field of engineering. Opportunities in petroleum and aerospace engineering tend to offer some of the highest salaries. 

How much do international business majors make a year?

International business courses offer a range of career opportunities all over the world. The salary you can expect to make depends on the country and company that you work in. The area of business that you specialise in will have a big impact on your salary too. 

How much money do wildlife conservationists make?

Wildlife conservationists either work for private or government organisations. Entry-level jobs usually require a bachelor's degree in environmental sciences, biology, or a related field. More advanced positions often require a master's degree. The salary one can expect to earn as a wildlife conservationist depends on the type of employer and level of one’s position.

Is Graphic Design in demand?

Graphic design is in demand, however it is a competitive field for finding jobs. It's recommended to have plenty of experience and a large portfolio when applying for any graphic design role.

Is an environmental science degree worth it?

Most certainly! Environmental science degrees can act as a stepping stone to a variety of sought after fields. These fields can include, conservation work, environmental law, consulting, fieldwork, research and more. 

Is cape town a good location for tourism internships?

Cape Town consistently receives global praise and accolades year after year including the best city in the world, best cultural city, most beautiful African city among others. Being a global hub for tourism makes it the perfect location to gain practical experience within the tourism industry. Tourist attractions include culture trips, wine tours, wildlife experiences, outdoor activities, world-class beaches, gourmet cuisine and more. 

Is coding a good career 2020?

Software development is a very high paying career and will always be in demand. With more and more website hosts that allow for simple and easy design, web developers who are able to create unique coding and programming will always be in demand as the digital world continues to grow.

Is journalism a good career?

Journalism is a fantastic career option for those who are interested in working with passionate people on exciting projects, people who want to continue to learn as they go and those who love to travel and have tangible articles published that they can be proud of. 

Is there a minimum time for a Civil Internship?

Yes, we provide 4+ week internships. Anything less than that means it is hard to get to grips with how a company works, and to make the most of the opportunity. However there is no maximum.

Is there a minimum time for a banking and finance Internship?

Yes, we provide 2+ week internships and there is no maximum.  However, some of the companies we collaborate with only accept interns who can commit to at least 4 weeks so, the longer you can stay, the better!

Is there a minimum time for an advertising, marketing or communications Internship?

Yes, we provide 2+ week internships and there is no maximum.  However, some of the companies we collaborate with only accept interns who can commit to at least 4 weeks so, the longer you can stay, the better!

Is there a minimum time for an animal and wildlife Internship?

Yes, we provide 2+ week internships and there is no maximum.  Please note that it is preferable if you can commit to at least 6 weeks for an internship.

What aged children will I be teaching?

This very much depends on your personal interests and goals, as well as your existing experience.  We collaborate with a wide range of local schools that offer internship opportunities in all grades.  During your internship you could act as a teaching assistant in more than one classroom and gain experience working with children of all ages.

What are economic development activities?

Economic development has a large variety of roles. Various routes include: international relations, policy development, consulting, nonprofit work, community projects, investment advising and more.

What are good psychology internships?

A good psychology internship allows for interns to shadow professionals in their field, conduct their own research and assist with casework and development for patients. 

What are marketing internships like?

Marketing internships are dynamic, interns are generally able to get involved with lots of different areas of digital marketing including: analytics, research and trend tracking, content development, SEO, digital ads, social media marketing and more.

What are the best cities for interior design?

Whether you're an up and coming interior designer or already established in your career, visiting or living in a design-forward city will provide you with great creative inspiration. Some cities around the world that are currently renowned for being design-forward cities include; Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv, Nairobi, and Seoul. The beautiful city of Cape Town was awarded and named a UNESCO city of design as the colours and culture of the city provide amazing design inspiration. 

What are the best finance internships?

Some of the best financial internships include placements in; investment banking, wealth management, accounting, auditing, information technology finance, financial analysis, commercial banking, financial planning, insurance, corporate finance and credit reporting.

What are the best internships for economics students?

Excellent internship opportunities for economics students include placements in: macroeconomics, economic policy, microeconomics and economic empowerment.

What are the best type of events companies to intern for?

This all depends on the type of events you would like to work on. Some of the top events internships are in companies that cater to corporate, weddings, non-profits, conferences, seminars, retreats, product launches and more. 

What are the different types of business internships?

Some of these focuses include: business management, business development, consulting, sales, marketing, product development and marketing. 

What can I become through a teaching internship?

Participating in a teaching internship is a wonderful way to gain practical teaching hours which can boost employability and set you on the path to become an accredited educator. It can also reveal passions outside of traditional teaching such as guidance support for students, advocacy within the educational sphere, youth work, human resources and more.

What can I do after a BA in journalism?

After your bachelor’s degree in journalism you may consider various forms of traditional journalism, from print to broadcast, or other jobs such as a story researcher, political commentator, editor, publisher, content manager, public relations, copywriter and many others. Completing an internship is a fantastic way to get your foot in the door in any of the above options. 

What can I do with a degree in human rights?

A degree within the human rights sector could give you the opportunity to pursue a career in one of the following fields. A human rights lawyer and legal worker, monitoring and evaluation officer, corporate responsibility officer, policy specialist, human rights educator, embassy worker, ambassador, mediator or diplomat. 

What can one learn from a PR internship?

PR interns will learn key skills such as; communication, project management, attention to detail, social media management, research, SEO and time management skills. We collaborate with some of the leading PR agencies in Cape Town through which interns can gain experience in a fast-paced professional environment.

What can someone do with an environmental science degree?

There are a lot of career paths that environmental science students can take, some of the top being: environmental scientists, conservation scientists, environmental lawyers, environmental consultants, zoologists, ecologists, environmental engineers and environmental educators.

What can you do with a bachelor's degree in biology?

A bachelor's degree in biology could allow one to pursue a career path within the following fields: research scientist, pharmacologist, biologist, ecologist, nature conservationist, biotechnologist, forensic scientist,  pharmaceuticals, medical practitioner, biochemist and more. 

What careers work with exotic animals?

There are many jobs which allow one to work with exotic animals. If you are looking to go down an ethical route, there are many research institutes, wildlife rehabilitation centres and sanctuaries, veterinarians, biologists, game reserve guides, eco-tourism workers, education workers and more. 

What companies provide internships?

The types of companies that offer internships range throughout various industries, from large corporations to startups. Interns can expect to gain experience in a variety of focuses such as, sales, marketing, finance, HR, management, and more. At Bridging Gaps, we have placed interns in tech companies, customer service, product development, insurance firms among many others. 

What do I need to study to become a social worker?

The most common degree to become a social worker is a bachelor's degree in social work. Some of these courses will include psychology, humanities, public health among others. Depending on the role, one might require a masters degree and a license in social work, however this is dependent on the country you chose to practise in. 

What do financial advisor interns do?

As an intern, you can expect to be involved with tasks such as; researching investments, preparing presentations, reviewing client notes and completing tasks, preparing for client meetings, assisting on financial plan developments and other general client administration tasks. 

What do teacher interns do?

This varies depending on the type of opportunity and internship placement. Interns can be placed in public or private schools, community education NGOs, educational camps, early childhood development centers and more. Teaching interns can expect to be involved in curriculum development, one on one and group learning facilitation, lesson preparation, grading and more. 

What do you do in a consulting internship?

Consulting interns can expect to gain experience in different departments of the consulting firm. They could have the opportunity to assist with stakeholder and client management, research, analysis and strategy development. 

What do you gain from a marketing internship?

On completing a marketing internship, one can expect to gain a large range of both hard and soft skills. The most valuable takeaway of course is the practical experience which employers look for, as well as references which you can pass along to them. Some of the hard skills one could acquire would include research, data analysis, SEO, SEM, and more. 

What do you hope to gain from a marketing internship?

On completion of your marketing internship one should expect to gain a range of employable skills and experience across various niches. Overall, your understanding of the industry, company branding, understanding client needs and market trends should help one stand out to future employers. 

What does a PR intern do?

As a PR intern you could be involved in; creating engaging content, building relationships with current or prospective clients, creating and distributing press releases, utilizing your host organisations social media channels, building media lists and databases, conducting market analysis research, coordinating and attending company events.

What does a civil engineering intern do?

Civil engineering interns will have the opportunity to shadow professionals in their field, assist in project development and planning, drafting designs, maintaining data and records, and more. 

What does a hospitality intern do?

A hospitality intern can get involved with various aspects of the hotel or organization which hosts them, including reception, making bookings, event planning, customer service, problem-solving and more.

What does a marketing student do in an internship?

Marketing students can get involved with various areas of digital marketing and shadow/assist in various team efforts. Students can expect to walk away with a portfolio of projects they have assisted with or led as well as a wealth of experience to supplement their studies. 

What does a news intern do?

A news intern can get involved with all areas of production from research, to scriptwriting, staging, filming, editing and post-production. They may have the opportunity to develop their own stories and pieces as well. 

What does an interior design assistant do?

As an interior design assistant you can expect to shadow other professionals in the industry, assist in assessing client goals and project requirements, space visualisation and sketching, sourcing materials and furnishings, client services and more. 

What experience do you need to be a web developer?

Web development is a competitive industry, so having a wealth of experience and an established portfolio is essential. This can be achieved through participating in an entry-level internship or assisting startups or nonprofits to build their online presence.

What is a hotel internship?

As an intern in this field, you will gain insight into operations, customer service, hospitality management, and more.

What is a public health internship?

A public health internship can differ depending on the organization one is working with. Possibilities include, community health clinics, community development projects, nonprofits, education centers and more.

What is an internship for civil engineering students?

Civil engineering internships allow students to gain practical experience and employable skills in areas such as; geotechnical, environmental, transportation, structural, hydraulic, construction, and land engineering.

What is the best degree for an event planner?

Relevant degrees and diplomas would be in public relations, communications, and hospitality. 

What is the best degree for architecture?

For most countries, the baseline requirement for becoming an architect would be to gain a bachelor's of architecture from an accredited institution. Courses you can expect to be covered include, architectural design, visualisation, history, environmental systems and calculus. 

What is the best internship for mechanical engineering students?

Within the field of mechanical engineering, it's possible to get an internship in a variety of industries including; automotive manufacturing, construction, metals and materials, scientific research, computer and electronic manufacturing, aerospace and more. The best internship for you is determined by your specific interests, career goals, strengths and previous experience.

What is the best job for animal lovers?

There are many fantastic career paths for animal lovers, from veterinary work, wildlife conservation, wildlife researchers, domestic and or exotic animal rehabilitation, wilderness guiding, environmental scientists, conservation educators and more! 

What is the best type of law to practice?

This depends on your personal interests and choice of career path. If you have a passion for human rights, going into public policy, family law or criminal law is a great option. Commercial and private law are also great choices to look into with lots of niche focuses you can consider, such as tax, property, marital and corporate law.

What is the difference between an intern and a resident?

An intern is usually one who is still studying, whereas a resident may have recently received their credentials and are seeking required clinical hours. 

What is the highest paying job in environmental science?

The highest-paying jobs for environmental science include: environmental lawyer, environmental planner, sustainability managers for companies, conservationists, environmental engineer and many others. 

What is the highest paying job in science?

There are a lot of different possible careers in science. Some of the highest-earning positions in science include; physicists, astronomers, pharmacists, geoscientists, biochemists and medical scientists. Chemical and nuclear engineering are also lucrative career paths. 

What is the highest paying job in tourism?

Some of the higher paying tourism jobs include: luxury travel specialists, airline pilots, cruise ship directors, international sales and hotel management.

What is the need for volunteers in South Africa?

In South Africa, there is a great demand for volunteers of all types, especially those in the social work and youth development sector. As many government and nonprofit programs are underfunded, they lack the staff and material resources they so desperately require.

What is the work of international trade?

A Career within international trade could include; international mediators, international business developers, supply chain logistics, research analysts, policy advisers and analysts, economists and more. 

What job can I do to save the planet?

There are a number of environmental careers one can pursue if you are passionate about helping the planet, these include; conservation scientists, environmental lawyers, geo-scientists, hydrologists, environmental engineers, wildlife biologists and urban planners. 

What jobs are in tourism?

There are many career paths within the tourism industry. Some of these include travel agencies and advisements, airline and cruise ship workers, leisure, adventurer, voluntourism and historical and cultural travel. 

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