Ariana Santos: Medical & Healthcare internship programme review and rating.

In 2018, Ariana completed an 8 week internship programme with Bridging Gaps in the amazing city of Cape Town, South Africa. The primary career area of Ariana's internship programme was Medical & Healthcare.


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South Africa
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Public education
SUNY Oneonta

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Overall Rating: 10/10

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Thanks to Bridging Gaps I was able to complete a two month internship with the Red Cross Children Hospital. Here I was able to directly interact with the patients and help them take their minds off their situations. I was able to put a smile on a sick's child face and that made all the difference. I made connections with these children and could see their face light up every time I stepped into the wards to spend time with them. I worked with an amazing group of volunteers whose main priority were keeping the children happy. Everyone was so nice and welcome at the hospital, it made it hard to say goodbye at the end of my time.

Lucie and Julian at Bridging gaps were just amazing! They always made sure I was comfortable with my internship placement, my accommodation and overall being in Cape Town. They provided weekly social events that really helped me better explore Cape Town while also meeting new people. They went above and beyond, answering any and all questions I had of the city. From knowing the best way to getting around town to knowing the best place to get dinner, they had all the answers! I came to the country by myself so it really helped to know I had someone here I could come to for help with anything. They even helped me before my trip by giving me advice on great must see things and helped with pick up from the airport and transport to where I would be staying. They were really great mentors and such amazing and sweet people.

I will always remember this experience I’ve had in Cape Town and I have them to thank!


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