Chloe Astin: Event Management internship programme review and rating.

In 2017, Chloe completed an 4 week internship programme with Bridging Gaps in the amazing city of Cape Town, South Africa. The primary career area of Chloe's internship programme was Event Management.


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South Africa
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Post Graduate
Aston University

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Overall Rating: 10/10

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My experience of Bridging Gaps was fantastic from start to finish.  My trip to Cape Town exceeded all expectations and this is down to the local programme coordinators. Right from the initial enquiry they were nothing but professional and friendly. Prior to my arrival they helped me arrange everything from my visa to accommodation and the 'Events Management Internship' they handpicked for me was a huge success and has helped me kickstart my career. I met some fantastic people at work and it gave me the confidence and experience I needed to get a job on my return to London.

The programme coordinators also helped me get my bearings of Cape Town, informed me of the extensive activities the city offers and also gave me those little gems of knowledge that no guide book can provide. I felt like a local in a matter of hours! They introduced me to wonderful people, both locals and other interns and set up lots of social opportunities to meet new people.

Cape Town is by far my favourite city in the world and I cannot wait to return. Thank you Bridging Gaps for all your help and for giving me an adventure of a lifetime!


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