Sarah Hieber: Tourism internship programme review and rating.

In 2017, Sarah completed an 5 week internship programme with Bridging Gaps in the amazing city of Cape Town, South Africa. The primary career area of Sarah's internship programme was Tourism.


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South Africa
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The process of organizing my internship and the communication with Bridging Gaps before I came to Cape Town was very uncomplicated and professional. The whole process of contacting them until they found the perfect internship for me did not even take one week.

Due to the fact that It was my first time visiting Cape Town I was very excited and a little nervous about what would expect me there. With their warm and friendly welcome at the airport my mentors took away all my nervousness. I felt comfortable and well looked after from the very first moment on.

They provided me a phone with a local SIM card, gave me useful tips on how I could spend my first days in Cape Town and accompanied me to my accommodation and my working place.

During my internship I was in close contact with my mentors and they always wanted to make sure if everything's okay or if they could do anything for me. I really appreciate the way they took care of me.

If you're planning on doing an internship here and are looking for a company to arrange it for you, I can highly recommend you doing it with Bridging Gaps!

I met so many great people and totally fell in love with Cape Town. This was my first but definitely not my last time in this beautiful country and I'm happy that I made the right choice!

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