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Develop crucial field skills necessary to start your successful career in conservation and have the chance to work with a diverse range of wildlife including; The Big Five, Cape fur seals, Humpback whales, Great White Sharks and African penguins. We also offer internship opportunities in veterinary clinics where you have the chance to work with cats, dogs and exotic pets.

Animal & Wildlife programmes available:

CareerFocus options:


Game reserve work

Veterinary work

Rehabilitation and protection

Programme attendance options:

Physical Attendance

Virtual Attendance

Programmes available

Animal & Wildlife Internship Programmes
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Key programme features

We are ready to help you design and enjoy your own Animal & Wildlife learn abroad programme. Here are the options available in the field of Animal & Wildlife.

Choice of two programmes

We have two primary programmes to suit your needs. In some instances we also offer virtual placements.

Unlimited duration as standard

You can come for as long as you need without paying any extra fees.You'll receive the same level of support.

Backed by concrete promises

We are 100% on your side. We guarantee every aspect of your trip with unrivalled promises.


Need to focus on a precise niche or two? No problem! Your programme can focus on your specialist areas.

Immersive cultural experience

We'll help you engage with the culture and personal benefits of being in a foreign country.

Virtual placements

Save on travel and accommodation costs, pay a far lower fee. All while building your professional network.

Academia friendly

We will handle all aspects of academic accreditation, including direct liaison with your tutors and academic staff.

Future career friendly

We will write full reference letters for your placement(s) to optimise future employers' first impression of you.

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Why do people apply for Animal & Wildlife programmes?

There are many different reasons why people want to participate in Animal & Wildlife Internship & Volunteering programmes abroad, here is a selection of the hopes and aspirations of other people who may be just like you!


Current Animal & Wildlife Job Openings

Here are some current or recent internship job opportunities in this career area. We do not publish all openings - so please contact us to hear about others.

Animal Rehabilitation Intern

Good physical health Good analytical skills Adaptable Passionate about wildlife conservation BSc or Diploma in conservation, wildlife sciences or ecology

The Organisation: A rehabilitation reserve that works with injured and orphaned wild animals as well as delivering anti-poaching programmes aimed at preventing the extinction of endangered species.
Keywords: Wildlife conservation, Research, tracking, wildlife relocation, Internship
Wildlife Conservation Assistant

Good communication skills Good physical health Passion for conservation and wildlife BSc in or prior knowledge of wildlife sciences, environmental sciences or ecology

The Organisation: A wildlife organisation with a hands-on approach to conservation with a specific focus on saving endangered species in South Africa.
Keywords: Wildlife conservation, Research, tracking, wildlife relocation, Internship
Conservation, Ecology and Wildlife Research Assistant

Must be in reasonably good physical health as interns will be involved with work on foot and hikes A passion for wildlife and conservation is essential Currently studying environmental science/biology/animal behavior/ecology or related field would be beneficial

The Organisation: A unique company based in various game reserves, dedicated meaningful conservation through research to create a better understanding of various social behaviors, climate change impact, environmental sustainability, human wildlife conflict and local biodiversity.
Keywords: Wildlife conservation, Ecology, Research, Game reserve, Internship
Holistic Reserve Management and Species Re-wilding Intern

Passion for conservation and research is essential Studying or completed studies in wildlife science, biology, animal behaviour or related fields

The Organisation: An NGO and research institute attached to a five star game reserve in the Western Cape. We focus on the relocation and long term stability of endangered African wildlife and vegetation.
Keywords: Wildlife conservation, Reserve management, Research, Wildlife, Internship

Programmes available

Animal & Wildlife Internship Programmes
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Animal and Wildlife Volunteering Programmes
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Available Animal & Wildlife Learnerships

Good news, we also offer in depth learnerships in this career area. Take a look at the exclusive programmes we offer below:

Exclusive African Big Five Research Learnership

The conservation programme conducts research on private big 5 game reserves in the Western Cape, focusing on ethical practices, non-invasive research, and education around conservation needs.

Holistic Elephant Park Research Programme

Join this programme dedicated to the research and study of African elephants to provide data to be used to guide elephant management to better suit the welfare needs of elephants in captive facilities.

Immersive Big Cat Welfare Programme

A highly ethical big cat sanctuary dedicated to the rehabilitation of big cats and is also a platform aimed at creating awareness about big cats in captivity and providing crucial education on animal welfare and unethical breeding practices.

Unique Kruger Big Five Research Learnership

This programme is committed to conservation through long term ecological monitoring and research to ensure best practices for reserve management, and endangered species preservation.