Graphic Design

Completing a graphic design internship in Cape Town will enable you to gain valuable hands-on experience and increase your proficiency with design programs. You'll learn how to work with clients, build an important portfolio of work and get to use your creativity to contribute to a range of exciting projects. 

Graphic Design programmes available:

CareerFocus options:

Web and mobile

Brand identity and logo



Programme attendance options:

Physical Attendance

Virtual Attendance

Programmes available

Graphic Design
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Graphic Design Internship & Volunteering
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Graphic Design 'NEED TO KNOW'

Key programme features

We are ready to help you design and enjoy your own Graphic Design learn abroad programme. Here are the options available in the field of Graphic Design.

Choice of two programmes

We have two primary programmes to suit your needs. In some instances we also offer virtual placements.

Unlimited duration as standard

You can come for as long as you need without paying any extra fees.You'll receive the same level of support.

Backed by concrete promises

We are 100% on your side. We guarantee every aspect of your trip with unrivalled promises.


Need to focus on a precise niche or two? No problem! Your programme can focus on your specialist areas.

Immersive cultural experience

We'll help you engage with the culture and personal benefits of being in a foreign country.

Virtual placements

Save on travel and accommodation costs, pay a far lower fee. All while building your professional network.

Academia friendly

We will handle all aspects of academic accreditation, including direct liaison with your tutors and academic staff.

Future career friendly

We will write full reference letters for your placement(s) to optimise future employers' first impression of you.

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What did others say about their Graphic Design programme?

You'll see one or two snippets below from the alumni of our Graphic Design Internship & Volunteering programmes that provided a full interview about their experience which you can click through to.
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Why do people apply for Graphic Design programmes?

There are many different reasons why people want to participate in Graphic Design Internship & Volunteering programmes abroad, here is a selection of the hopes and aspirations of other people who may be just like you!
Kira (United States)

I'm currently taking graphic design courses at my college where I'm learning UX/UI Design and Web Design. I hope to expand on my coursework and gain some real insight into how a company or agency applies what I've learned in a real work environment. I also hope to use this internship to diversify my skillset and to make my resume stand out from other applicants when looking for jobs after the internship. I also hope to gain networks and contacts from this program so I have professionals that are willing to help me and vouch for me and my great work.

CUNY Hunter College
Jaylan (United Kingdom)

I would like to be apart of an internship programme related to my interests of media production. This is a great opportunity for me to communicate and adapt in new environments. I hope to gain as much knowledge as I can but also to explore the world whilst doing what I love; media. This experience would benefit me on multiple levels from professional communications, to gaining my own independence.

University Of Lincoln
Girly (Philippines)

I want to gain more knowledge, be exposed to other cultures and open myself to more opportunities after finishing the program

Brienna (Australia)

I hope to gain real world experience and produce work that I can add to my portfolio. I hope to expand my professional photography experience and explore different types of photography. I am especially interested in wildlife and environmental photography.

Queensland University Of Technology


Current Graphic Design Job Openings

Here are some current or recent internship job opportunities in this career area. We do not publish all openings - so please contact us to hear about others.

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Programmes available

Graphic Design
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Graphic Design Internship & Volunteering
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