Education & Teaching 

Classroom Teaching Assistant- English Language


Education, Classroom teaching, English teaching, Curriculum development, Internship

Career Field

Education & Teaching 

Job Type

Internship Programme


South Africa



Classroom Teaching  Assistant- English Language Classroom Teaching  Assistant- English Language

The Host Organisation

A secondary school in Cape Town which holds a strong academic ethos coupled with the passion to equip learners with practical and well-rounded tools for a successful future.

Roles and Responsibilities

The teaching assistant will be based in classroom setting, assisting with curriculum facilitation for English language studies. They will have the opportunity to instruct students on the principles of the English language, integrating individual and group learning techniques to deliver lesson plans. Teaching assistants will create an interactive and supportive learning environment and adapting to the needs of the students to assist in meeting learning objectives. They will track assignments and student growth, develop learning plans and provide feedback and mentorship for students.


Some previous experience working with children would be beneficial. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Proficient in English. Passionate about youth development and empowerment. A patient and resilient personality.

Skills Acquisition

Classroom management Curriculum development Lesson planning New innovative teaching methods Facilitate fun learning activities Group and individual instruction Verbal and written communication Critical thinking Time management and organisation Subject and age specific technical skills

Benefits to Intern

Gain understanding and insight to the education system and challenges in a developing country. Receive mentorship from experienced and knowledgeable educators, giving you professional guidance as well as international and cultural context to your work. Put your academic based knowledge into practise and gain valuable classroom teaching experience.

Schedule & Compensation

Full-time temporary role with expectation of 37.5 hours work per week. Summer placement of 8-12 weeks with some flexibility and potential to extend Internship completed on an unpaid basis.



Please note that this position is offered as part of a comprehensive professional internship programme which has a fee. We offer lots of opportunities in this career area as part of our internship programme.

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