Internships Abroad for American Students & Grads

Are you a American student or graduate looking for professional work experience abroad? Working with 450+ of the best organisations in Cape Town, we deliver custom programmes in South Africa for American clients. Your programme is based 100% on your interests and career goals.



Why do American people travel abroad for internships?

There are numerous reasons why a student or grad from United States of America would travel for an internship or voluntary position abroad. Whilst you could gain useful experience in the American economy in your home town or a big city, there is something extremely fulfilling about getting an internship abroad: Meeting people entirely different from you, working in a new location and outside of American culture is a stretching and challenging proposition - meaning you grow a lot in a short space of time.

Authentic professional experience

Your programme will be tailored to meet your specific goals and interests meaning that you will acquire sought-after work experience in exactly the right areas. We'll handpick your host organisation, offer you multiple opportunities and provide extensive support to make sure you get exactly what you want from this experience and more.

Enhance your C.V.

You will carry real responsibility and deliver real results in live projects. We'll help you clearly communicate your new experience and skills through your CV to impressive future employers and kick start your career.

Be immersed in the culture

You're going to work very hard. But you're also going to be able to explore and experience the beautiful multi-cultural and spirited vibe of South Africa. We'll make sure that you are informed, safe and able to fully immerse yourself in what the country has to offer.
Build confidence in yourself
Completing a programme abroad takes courage to step out of your comfort zone. You'll overcome challenges, become more independent and meet people from all over the world. Through this rewarding experience, your self-confidence will soar!
What did others from United States of America think?

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25+ career areas

We offer a wide range of exciting and customised opportunities in more than  25 subject areas. Please click on a programme type (intern/volunteer/virtual) to see the career fields available.

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