Consultancy Internship Programmes

Spend time in a fast paced, professional consultancy firm and benefit from the support and guidance of accomplished and experienced colleagues. Our consultancy internships in Cape Town enable you to develop impressive on the job skills that all consultancy recruiters look for, whilst building a professional network of contacts.

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Consultancy internships - quick video overview
The best Consultancy Internship Programmes in Africa?

The best consultancy internships in Cape Town? We think so. We pride ourselves on delivering customised internship placements and on the ground support that offer life-changing, valuable professional experiences.

Are you looking to use your business skills to create growth, maximise value and improve the performance of organisations that are in need of business support and guidance?  Our consultancy internships in Cape Town are the perfect chance for you to enhance your CV whilst using your knowledge and experience to solve problems, suggest recommendations for change and improve operations in organisations that need your help.

As a consultancy intern you could be involved in; supply chain management, market research, data analysis, prioritization exercises,  giving presentations, creating proposals, marketing, e-business, HR, accounting, business strategy and information technology.

Read on for a full overview of the best consultancy internships in Africa.


Consultancy Internship Programme Overview

Here's what you can expect from the programme in a nutshell!

Consultancy Internship Key Skills:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Economic Knowledge
  • Analysis and prediction of trends
  • Time management

Academic & Career Benefits

  • Develop crucial on the job skills that all consultancy recruiters look for.
  • Build a professional network of contacts and learn from experienced colleagues.
  • Demonstrate to future employers that you are adaptable and have intercultural elasticity.
  • Challenge yourself and put your classroom based knowledge into practice in a professional work environment.

Ideal Internship Applicant

  • A strong interest in business and economics.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Proficient in English.
  • Some previous economics experience would be advantageous.
  • Self-motivated and organised.

Programme highlights:

  • Use your creativity and knowledge to assist local organisations in Cape Town.
  • Gain valuable work experience in all areas of consultancy.
  • Add relevant and impressive skills to your CV and build a portfolio of work to use in future job applications.
  • Demonstrate your adaptability by gaining professional work experience in an international company.
  • Live with like-minded people looking for an adventure of a lifetime!

Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum age: 18
  • Completed (or will have completed) A2-Levels or equivalent
  • Minimum of 2 weeks duration, no maximum
  • Not a resident of South Africa


Skills you'll hone through your Consultancy internship

Of course, the list is much longer - but these are the skills our intern alumni reported back that they grew in the most!

Critical thinking
Economic knowledge
Creative thinking
Trend Analysis
Time management


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Consultancy internship programme reviews & ratings

We managed to grab some detailed interviews from previous interns on this programme, you can click on them below.

star rating of our programmesstar rating of our programmesstar rating of our programmesstar rating of our programmesstar rating of our programmesstar rating of our programmesstar rating of our programmesstar rating of our programmesstar rating of our programmesstar rating of our programmes
Thanks so much for all your effort and this amazing experience!
Magdalena Junker

A hypothetical Consultancy Internship Programme

What might your programme in this career field look like? Here's how it has typically shaped up for our alumni!

Week One

Arrival & orientation. Introduction to Cape Town, your accommodation and your internship host organisation and colleagues.

Internship Programmes South Africa - Hypothetical week 1
Internship Programmes South Africa - Hypothetical week 2

Week Two

Get stuck into your Consultancy internship placement and establish yourself with your organisation. Come to our free social events.

Week Three

Enjoy a great work-life balance, getting out and about to see the sites alongside working hard on your internship.

Internship Programmes South Africa - Hypothetical week 3
Internship Programmes South Africa - Hypothetical week 4

Week Four

Pick up more responsibility in your internship as you prove your capability. Enjoy regular activities in Cape Town outside of work. Come to another social!

Week Five

Now you're flying (metaphorically) at work, you'll be more and more autonomous. Expect to pick up even more challenges!


Week Six

Internship is going swimmingly, now go and do something crazy like swimming with some great white sharks or abseiling off of a mountain.

Week Seven

Regularly enjoy the benefits of Cape Town and at work, gather materials needed for portfolio (e.g. references from us and provider).


Week Eight

Putting the finishing touches to your internship and gathering feedback from us and your internship provider for use in your academic / career portfolio. Finalise paperwork for university (if needed)

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13 Essential Insights for a Fulfilling and Safe Internship in Cape Town


Why others apply for Consultancy internship programmes

Here's what others said when they applied. Some of these people came just for this career area, some mixed it with other career fields too...


Consultancy internship programme features

What makes our internship programmes a worthwhile investment? Here's a swift overview of what you can expect!

Choice of two programmes

We have two primary programmes to suit your needs. In some instances we also offer virtual placements.

Unlimited duration as standard

You can come for as long as you need without paying any extra fees.You'll receive the same level of support.

Backed by concrete promises

We are 100% on your side. We guarantee every aspect of your trip with unrivalled promises.


Need to focus on a precise niche or two? No problem! Your programme can focus on your specialist areas.

Immersive cultural experience

We'll help you engage with the culture and personal benefits of being in a foreign country.

Virtual placements

Save on travel and accommodation costs, pay a far lower fee. All while building your professional network.

Academia friendly

We will handle all aspects of academic accreditation, including direct liaison with your tutors and academic staff.

Future career friendly

We will write full reference letters for your placement(s) to optimise future employers' first impression of you.


Current Consultancy Job Openings

Here are some current or recent internship job opportunities in this career area. We do not publish all openings - so please contact us to hear about others.

Business Development and Consulting Assistant

Innovative thinker and excellent communication skills Passion for small business and start up development Keen interest in following market and industry trends A background or studies in business, business or related field would be advantageous

The Organisation: An agency who aims to equip entrepreneurs with practical tools, networks and mentorship to establish their own sustainable and successful businesses.
Keywords: Business development, Consulting, Sustainable business, Strategic development, Internship

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A straightforward process

We have worked very hard to streamline our process to make your experience easy, fun and highly rewarding personally and professionally. Flick through the steps below, or read about our process in more detail.

Introduce yourself to our friendly team

Getting your dream internship all starts with you saying hello! Just pop your details into our enquiry form and we'll reach out to schedule a conversation with you that we call a 'discovery call'.

Ask questions & learn how we can help

In your discovery call, you can ask us any questions you still have. We'll talk about your options in the career fields you've told us you're interested in to help you imagine your placement and decide if our service is right for you.

Complete your programme application

If everything sounds good to you, complete your application to put into words your dream programme. This forms the basis of the 'design' of your customised placement and will be the primary framework against which we validate potentially suitable opportunities.

We'll source you the best opportunities

We maintain a large and varied network of the best organisations in Cape Town. We will identify the best potential fits for your programme goals and preferences and reach out on your behalf to assess those organisations for suitability (learn about their current projects and initiatives).

Prepare and plan for your experience

Once you've confirmed which placement offer you prefer, we'll start helping you plan the rest of your trip. We'll book your accommodation, help with your travel arrangements and provide extensive advice and information on how to get ready for your time in Cape Town. Your Bridging Gaps mentor will be on hand to make sure you're fully prepared for your placement.

Maximise your experience & learning

Finally, every member of our team will move mountains to make sure you get what you came for and MORE! It's essential to us that you're safe, you're learning and growing in confidence and developing the most important skills for your future career.


Consultancy internship programme cost

Our programme fees are shown below, for a full description of our service offering please click to view the programme or a side-to-side comparison.


one-off, fixed

Bespoke programme

Backed by 4
concrete promises



one-off, fixed

Comprehensive support

Visa & travel assist

Accommodation assistance

Social events & excursions

... and lots more



one-off, fixed

Tailored Search

Ongoing support
& mentoring

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Consultancy Internship Programmes FAQs

We've answered some specific questions about this internship programme below.

What skills make a good consultant?

To be a good consultant you need excellent industry knowledge, creativity and innovation, interpersonal skills, problem-solving, analytical thinking and good business/commercial acumen. 

How do I succeed in consulting?

To succeed in consulting you'll need to become an expert in your field, always exceed client expectations, seek mentorship and continue to learn as your career continues. 

How do I get into consulting?

To get into a consulting service of any kind, you will need to have in-depth knowledge or experience in the niche you are offering consulting services for. To get into any consulting, it is important to establish yourself as an expert in your respective field. This can be gained through extensive studying or training, years of experience or working directly with other consultants.

What do you do in a consulting internship?

Consulting interns can expect to gain experience in different departments of the consulting firm. They could have the opportunity to assist with stakeholder and client management, research, analysis and strategy development. 

What type of work will I be doing during my consultancy internship?

As a consultancy intern you could be involved in; supply chain management, market research, data analysis, prioritization exercises, marketing, e-business, HR, giving presentations, creating proposals, accounting, business strategy and information technology.

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Consultancy Internship Programmes

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