Law and Public Policy Internships In Cape Town
2019 & 2020

The best Law and Public Policy internships in Cape Town?

The best law and public policy internships in Cape Town? We think so. We pride ourselves on delivering customised internship placements and on the ground support that offer life-changing, valuable professional experiences.

In these highly competitive career fields, it is crucial that you are able to differentiate and market yourself successfully to prospective employers.

An excellent way of doing this is by participating in an internship abroad, which demonstrates an understanding of international law and exemplifies your dedication to learning.  Pursuing a legal internship will also help you decide what niche in the legal field to specialize in after your studies.

We provide opportunities in a number of different types of legal settings, from large corporate firms to small NGOs working closely with the Government to uphold various Human Rights’ foundations.

Interns in this field could have the opportunity to attend parliament and participate in various campaigns, carry out crucial research on certain legislation, assist with reviewing client files, prepare briefs and a whole lot more!

Read on for a full overview of the best law and public policy internships in Africa.

What Our Internship Clients Say

“‘You guys were amazing- incredibly responsive and so prompt with everything!  I really felt like you guys were invested in me getting the best experience I could.”

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Free Download: Intern's Guide to Cape Town

We have written a comprehensive overview of every aspect of choosing an internship in Cape Town.  You can download it absolutely free here:   DOWNLOAD FREE GUIDE

Free Download: Intern's Guide to Cape Town


We have written a comprehensive overview of every aspect of choosing an internship in Cape Town.  You can download it absolutely free here:


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Law & Public Policy Internship Key Skills:

  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management
  • Research and analysis
  • Commercial acumen
  • Teamwork
  • Understanding client’s needs

Academic & Career Benefits

  • Apply classroom taught principles and theories to real world situations.
  • Learn from experienced mentors and have the chance to interact with clients, government officials and attorneys.
  • Explore your interests and gain and insight into the type of law you would like to pursue in your career.
  • Draw from your experiences and ace future job interviews and exams.
  • Build your CV and exemplify your dedication to learning.
  • Gain a valuable insight into how to act in a professional legal setting.

Ideal Internship Applicant

  • Excellent writing skills.
  • Proficient in English.
  • Either studying or been accepted to study law.
  • Resilient, self-motivated and hard working.

Programme highlights:

  • Gain practical work experience in a professional and fast paced environment.
  • Build an impressive portfolio of work and demonstrate your determination, enthusiasm and self-confidence to future employers.
  • Progress towards your career goals!
  • Take part in meaningful and important projects and assist some of the most in need people in South Africa.
  • Gain valuable exposure to case studies and learn from experienced professionals in your field.

Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum age: 18
  • Completed (or will have completed) A2-Levels or equivalent
  • Minimum of 4 weeks duration, no maximum
  • Not a resident of South Africa

Ready to set yourself apart?

Discover how your internship will help boost your career prospects.

Know a student that would benefit from this internship? Join our Referral programme.

Ready to set yourself apart?

Discover how your internship will help boost your career prospects.

Know a student that would benefit from this internship? Join our Referral programme.

Key Skills Developed Through Our Law & Public Policy Internship

Communication and interpersonal

Intern’s interpersonal skills will be honed through collaboration with colleagues, government officials, barristers and clients. Interns will learn how to draft legal documents, take minutes at meetings, write reports, manage social media accounts, write important emails and create newsletters, each helping to improve their written communication skills. Interns will learn technical and legal language and develop their ability to present their ideas clearly and concisely. They will also gain an insight into the importance of using language to persuade, negotiate and argue.

Attention to detail

Intern’s will develop a good eye for accuracy when analysing a variety of legal documents. They will gain an understanding of the importance of excellent spelling, grammar and vocabulary when creating documents or drafting email’s to clients.

Time management

Intern’s will be required to meet demanding deadlines and they will learn how to work on multiple projects at one time.

Commercial acumen

– Intern’s will gain a valuable insight into the importance of commercial awareness in the field of law and public policy. They will learn to keep up to date with relevant news headlines and witness how business, government and events can impact law and a specific firm.

Research and analysis

Interns will learn how to identify relevant and important facts from large amounts of information. They will be required to analyse material, draw appropriate facts and figures and explain their findings clearly.

Understanding client’s needs

Interns will learn the importance of always focusing on your client and understanding their individual needs and aims. They will gain experience in identifying other party’s involvement in cases and how this can directly impact their negotiations and the overall outcome.


Interns will learn the importance of being a good team player and they will develop their ability to work with others. Intern’s will learn how to collaborate and negotiate effectively with a range of different people during their internship.

Typical 8 Week Law & Public Policy Internship

Internship Week 1

Arrival & orientation. Introduction to Cape Town, your accommodation and your internship host organisation and colleagues.

Internship Week 2

Get stuck into your law & public policy internship placement and establish yourself with your organisation. Come to our free social events.

Internship Week 3

Enjoy a great work-life balance, getting out and about to see the sites alongside working hard on your internship.

Internship Week 4

Pick up more responsibility in your internship as you prove your capability. Enjoy regular activities in Cape Town outside of work. Come to another social!

Internship Week 5

Now you’re flying (metaphorically) at work, you’ll be more and more autonomous. Expect to pick up even more challenges!

Internship Week 6

Internship is going swimmingly, now go and do something crazy like swimming with some great white sharks or abseiling off of a mountain.

Internship Week 7

Regularly enjoy the benefits of Cape Town and at work, gather materials needed for portfolio (e.g. references from us and provider).

Internship Week 8

Putting the finishing touches to your internship and gathering feedback from us and your internship provider for use in your academic / career portfolio. Finalise paperwork for university (if needed) and debrief.

Leave a Changed Person

Leave with the satisfaction of having helped a Cape Town law & public policy firm, with building experience and lifelong friendships.

Now share it with the world!

We will endeavor to deliver experiences similar to this to each one of our interns but please note that the work experience you gain will largely depend on your personal proactiveness and the internship organisation that you select.

Law & Public Policy Internships Frequently Asked Questions

What type of work will I be doing during my internship?

This very much depends on your internship organisation but as an intern you could be involved in;  conducting research, drafting reports, reviewing client files, liaising with authorities, attending parliament, attending court, meeting with clients, preparing briefs, writing newsletters, managing social media accounts and attending meetings with advocacy organisations.

How long will my internship last?

All the internships we offer are completely flexible in duration so it is up to you how long you stay in Cape Town for!  Some of the companies we collaborate with like to have an intern commit to at least 4 – 6 weeks so the longer you can stay for the better your chances of being offered an internship will be.

Will I live near my internship organisation?

Yes, we always place interns as near to their organisation as possible. We’ll also make sure you know how to get there efficiently and safely.

Will there be other interns at my internship organisation?

As we work with over 450 local organisations in Cape Town, and we find you an internship based completely on your personal interests and goals, it is unlikely that there will be another Bridging Gaps intern at the organisation you work for.  However, there may be other local or international interns from other organisations like ourselves.

What will I wear for my internship?

Appropriate work attire is specific to each organisation we work with but, in general you will find that you can wear more casual clothes than what you are used to back home. There are only a few placements which will require you to wear formal work clothes, and we will let you know if this applies to you. We suggest that for your first day you dress smartly, and then you will be able to gauge what appropriate attire is going forward. For most volunteer placements you will be able to wear casual clothes, however revealing clothes of any kind are not suitable for any placement.

Turbo Charge Your Career

Discover how your internship will help boost your job prospects.

Know a student that would benefit from this internship? Join our Referral programme.

Turbo Charge Your Career

Discover how your internship will boost your career prospects.

Know a student that would benefit from this internship? Join our Referral programme.

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