Medical and Public Health Internships In Cape Town
2019 & 2020

The best Medical and Public Health internships in Cape Town?

The best medical and public health internships in Cape Town? We think so. We pride ourselves on delivering customised internship placements and on the ground support that offer life-changing, valuable professional experiences.

In order to pursue any career in the field of healthcare, it is necessary to gain some kind of hands on work experience.  However, completing an internship in a healthcare setting in the developing world, is not just beneficial for your career, but can also be a life changing experience.

The challenges which the healthcare system in South Africa faces on a daily basis provide an unparalleled learning environment for pre-medical students, medical students and qualified professionals.  As in most Government hospitals in the country, the lack of equipment and human resources, along with the high incidence of infectious diseases, means that interns will have the chance to work alongside specialists with very different skills and responsibilities.  Our healthcare programme in Cape Town provides an ideal opportunity to expand your knowledge, immerse yourself in and contribute tremendously to the Public health system of South Africa.

We have opportunities in a variety of settings: hospitals, community clinics, research establishments, children’s homes and NGO’s.

These places can accommodate interns who are interested in; clinical observation, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, nutrition child life and public health.

Read on for a full overview of the best medical and public health internships in Africa

What Our Internship Clients Say

“You actually listened to me and what I wanted to do for an internship and you answered every question I had. Some of the other companies I spoke to didn’t listen to me- they weren’t that helpful. You were so lovely when I spoke to you I immediately knew I wanted to go with Bridging Gaps and I am so glad I did!”

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Free Download: Intern's Guide to Cape Town

We have written a comprehensive overview of every aspect of choosing an internship in Cape Town.  You can download it absolutely free here:   DOWNLOAD FREE GUIDE

Free Download: Intern's Guide to Cape Town


We have written a comprehensive overview of every aspect of choosing an internship in Cape Town.  You can download it absolutely free here:


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Medical & Public Health Internship Key Skills:

  • Coping skills
  • Interpersonal
  • Technical
  • Ethical behaviour
  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Professionalism

Academic & Career Benefits

  • Gain hands on experience that you would not get in any other healthcare setting in the world.
  • Make a valuable contribution to the amazing work of healthcare professionals in Cape Town and make a difference in the lives of people that need it the most.
  • Boost your CV with international healthcare experience.
  • Gain valuable exposure to and learn from completely different medical cases than you would see in your home country.
  • Gain practical work experience in a range of healthcare settings and explore your strengths and passions.

Ideal Internship Applicant

  • Proficient in English.
  • Some previous experience working with children or in a medical facility would be beneficial.
  • Self-motivated and compassionate.

Programme highlights:

  • Challenge yourself and improve your self-development.
  • Gain valuable, hands on work experience and expand on your existing skills and knowledge.
  • Work alongside and learn from inspiring professionals in your field.
  • Choose from a range of medical opportunities in a variety of healthcare settings.
  • Have a life changing experience and assist some of the most vulnerable members of society in South Africa.

Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum age: 18
  • Completed (or will have completed) A2-Levels or equivalent
  • Minimum of 4 weeks duration, no maximum
  • Not a resident of South Africa

Ready to set yourself apart?

Discover how your internship will help boost your career prospects.

Know a student that would benefit from this internship? Join our Referral programme.

Ready to set yourself apart?

Discover how your internship will help boost your career prospects.

Know a student that would benefit from this internship? Join our Referral programme.

Key Skills Developed Through Our Medical & Public Health Internship

Coping skills

Interns will develop their ability to show compassion and empathize with patients and their families in traumatic and stressful situations. They will gain an understanding of the importance of having emotional stability and being able to build rapport with patients quickly, under any circumstance.


Interns will receive extensive guidance on how to effectively and appropriately communicate with patients and families depending on their individual needs. Interns will learn how to explain treatments and reassure patients in difficult situations.


Interns will have the chance to collaborate with and learn from experienced colleagues. They will be required to demonstrate maturity and respect throughout their internship.

Problem solving

Interns will gain an insight into the importance of quick thinking and fast response in a variety of challenging situations. Healthcare professionals have to come up with solutions to problems on a very regular basis and they usually face very tight time constraints.


Interns will develop their medical knowledge and skills and have the chance to apply their classroom based theory to real life situations. Interns will be trained in medical techniques specific to their field.

Attention to detail

Interns will learn the importance of meticulous attention to detail at all times. The smallest mistake when recording patient’s details or administering medication could be life threatening and interns will learn this throughout their time in the healthcare setting of their choice.

Ethical behaviour

Interns will learn ethical codes of behaviour and they will be required to act with integrity and honesty at all times.


Interns will gain a valuable insight into the importance of maintaining patient’s confidence and trust by always keeping a level of professionalism and calmness. Interns will learn from experienced colleagues in their field and benefit from their professional guidance and mentorship.

Typical 8 Week Medical & Public Health Internship

Internship Week 1

Arrival & orientation. Introduction to Cape Town, your accommodation and your internship host organisation and colleagues.

Internship Week 2

Get stuck into your medical & public health internship placement and establish yourself with your organisation. Come to our free social events.

Internship Week 3

Enjoy a great work-life balance, getting out and about to see the sites alongside working hard on your internship.

Internship Week 4

Pick up more responsibility in your internship as you prove your capability. Enjoy regular activities in Cape Town outside of work. Come to another social!

Internship Week 5

Now you’re flying (metaphorically) at work, you’ll be more and more autonomous. Expect to pick up even more challenges!

Internship Week 6

Internship is going swimmingly, now go and do something crazy like swimming with some great white sharks or abseiling off of a mountain.

Internship Week 7

Regularly enjoy the benefits of Cape Town and at work, gather materials needed for portfolio (e.g. references from us and provider).

Internship Week 8

Putting the finishing touches to your internship and gathering feedback from us and your internship provider for use in your academic / career portfolio. Finalise paperwork for university (if needed) and debrief.

Leave a Changed Person

Leave with the satisfaction of having helped a Cape Town medical & public health facility, with building experience and lifelong friendships.

Now share it with the world!

We will endeavor to deliver experiences similar to this to each one of our interns but please note that the work experience you gain will largely depend on your personal proactiveness and the internship organisation that you select.

Medical & Public Health Internships Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I do my placement?

All our programmes are customized so we base our search for the best suitable placement for you completely on your individual skills and interests as well as your personal and professional goals.  We also work with over 400 local organisations across a number of different fields so in order to give you examples of where you could be placed, it is necessary for us to chat to you further to find out where your interests lie.  After you submit an enquiry we will get back to you to arrange a skype chat as soon as possible.

Will I get paid for doing a medical internship?

Since South African law prohibits any foreign national doing any form of paid work in the country without a valid working visa, all the opportunities we provide are unpaid.  It is incredibly difficult to obtain a working visa for South Africa because you have to be sponsored by an organisation before you even arrive in the country.

What if I don’t like my placement?

As we do everything we can to ensure that your placement will be the right fit for you, we hope that this will not be the case.  However, if when you start your placement you really feel that you will not benefit from working in your chosen organisation, we can make arrangements to find you a new placement.

We ask that you give at least a week to try out your role, because often it can take time to settle in to your organisation and be given proper responsibilities.  If after this time you still feel you will not gain from the experience, we will make arrangements to find you another placement.

Can I earn credit for my university degree by doing a medical internship with Bridging Gaps?

Yes you can!  Our team and the local organisations we partner with can assist you with any documents and assessments you need completed in order to gain academic credit from your university.

Turbo Charge Your Career

Discover how your internship will help boost your job prospects.

Know a student that would benefit from this internship? Join our Referral programme.

Turbo Charge Your Career

Discover how your internship will boost your career prospects.

Know a student that would benefit from this internship? Join our Referral programme.

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