Sustainable Development Internships In Cape Town
2019 & 2020

The best Sustainable Development internships in Cape Town?

The best sustainable development internships in Cape Town? We think so. We pride ourselves on delivering customised internship placements and on the ground support that offer life-changing, valuable professional experiences.

The depletion of the world’s natural resources and the aim of a sustainable future are hot topics in most countries and cultures around the globe today.  South Africa is no exception to this because of the need for social and economic development, which usually has a negative impact on the environment.

We collaborate with grass root NGO’s aiming to educate local communities on sustainable living, large corporate companies researching renewable energy on a national scale, sustainable architecture and design firms, renewable energy engineers, research centres, national parks and environmental consultants.

As an intern in this field you could be involved in research, environmental education, design, hands-on field work, renewable energy engineering, exploring and promoting sustainable economic development practices, consulting and much more!

Read on for a full overview of the best sustainable development internships in Africa.

What Our Internship Clients Say

“You guys actually care and wanted to make sure I was getting the experience I actually came here for and I don’t think I would have gotten that kind of service from another [internship] agency.”

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Free Download: Intern's Guide to Cape Town

We have written a comprehensive overview of every aspect of choosing an internship in Cape Town.  You can download it absolutely free here:   DOWNLOAD FREE GUIDE

Free Download: Intern's Guide to Cape Town


We have written a comprehensive overview of every aspect of choosing an internship in Cape Town.  You can download it absolutely free here:


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Sustainable Development Internship Key Skills:

  • Policy expertise
  • Story telling
  • Empathizing
  • Creative thinking
  • Business acumen
  • Communication
  • Research skills

Academic & Career Benefits

  • Learn from knowledgeable and highly accomplished professionals in your field.
  • Gain practical and professional work experience to add to your CV.
  • Develop valuable skills to impressive future employers.
  • Explore what areas of sustainability you are interested in and make informed career and academic decisions.
  • Learn how sustainable development is effected by government, laws, culture and history.

Ideal Internship Applicant

  • Proficient in English.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Confident and good interpersonal skills.
  • Passionate about the environment and good understanding of sustainability.

Programme highlights:

  • Enhance your personal development and cultural awareness.
  • Help Cape Town reach it’s goal of a sustainable future.
  • Use your skills and experience to assist marginalized communities across the Western Cape.
  • Gain professional work experience in a dynamic and innovative international company.
  • Benefit from the guidance and support of experienced mentors in your field.

Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum age: 18
  • Completed (or will have completed) A2-Levels or equivalent
  • Minimum of 4 weeks duration, no maximum
  • Not a resident of South Africa

Ready to set yourself apart?

Discover how your internship will help boost your career prospects.

Know a student that would benefit from this internship? Join our Referral programme.

Ready to set yourself apart?

Discover how your internship will help boost your career prospects.

Know a student that would benefit from this internship? Join our Referral programme.

Key Skills Developed Through Our Sustainable Development Internship

Policy expertise

Interns will gain an insight into current energy and environmental policies in South Africa and they will see how they impact business strategy and development projects.

Creative thinking

Interns will practice coming up with creative and innovative solutions to a variety of problems. They will have to test solutions and analyse their outcomes so they can predict the effectiveness of projects and proposals.

Story telling

Interns will learn the importance of being able to translate facts about the environment and sustainability into engaging and relevant stories that impact community members, investors, government officials and clients. Being able to attract interest and support for sustainability projects is key to their success and interns will gain experience in this.


Interns will gain a valuable insight into the importance of understanding different third party’s opinions in the field of sustainable development. Interns will be required to listen and appreciate the views of community members, other businesses, clients and city officials and they will learn to take into consideration and understand their different viewpoints when planning projects.

Business acumen

Interns will gain an understanding of what it takes to make a business successful and how implementing sustainable practices can impact this. They will be required to keep up to date with current affairs and markets.

Research skills

Interns will practise collecting and analysing data and they will learn how to use their findings to create proposals and plan projects.


Interns will have the chance to collaborate with colleagues, community members, government officials, investors and other local organisations and they will have to communicate their ideas effectively and efficiently to different personnel. They will also learn the importance of listening to and appreciating different groups of people’s needs.

Typical 8 Week Sustainable Development Internship

Internship Week 1

Arrival & orientation. Introduction to Cape Town, your accommodation and your internship host organisation and colleagues.

Internship Week 2

Get stuck into your sustainable development internship placement and establish yourself with your organisation. Come to our free social events.

Internship Week 3

Enjoy a great work-life balance, getting out and about to see the sites alongside working hard on your internship.

Internship Week 4

Pick up more responsibility in your internship as you prove your capability. Enjoy regular activities in Cape Town outside of work. Come to another social!

Internship Week 5

Now you’re flying (metaphorically) at work, you’ll be more and more autonomous. Expect to pick up even more challenges!

Internship Week 6

Internship is going swimmingly, now go and do something crazy like swimming with some great white sharks or abseiling off of a mountain.

Internship Week 7

Regularly enjoy the benefits of Cape Town and at work, gather materials needed for portfolio (e.g. references from us and provider).

Internship Week 8

Putting the finishing touches to your internship and gathering feedback from us and your internship provider for use in your academic / career portfolio. Finalise paperwork for university (if needed) and debrief.

Leave a Changed Person

Leave with the satisfaction of having helped a Cape Town sustainable development company, with building experience and lifelong friendships.

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We will endeavor to deliver experiences similar to this to each one of our interns but please note that the work experience you gain will largely depend on your personal proactiveness and the internship organisation that you select.

Sustainable Development Internships Frequently Asked Questions

What type of company will I work for during my sustainable development internship?

This completely depends on your personal and professional goals- we base our internship search on you!  Some of the local organisations we collaborate with include; NGO’s, government organisations, policy organisations, research centres, renewable energy engineering companies, architects and design studios and educational institutes.

How will I get to and from my internship every day?

This depends on where your internship organisation is located.  The majority of the local organisations we work with are situated in the centre of Cape Town and therefore you will be able to walk to your internship each day.  Alternatively you could use the MyCiTi bus system or get a private taxi.  In all cases we will accompany you to your first few days of your internship until you are 100% happy taking the route on your own.

Is there a chance of being offered a paid position at the end of my internship?

This very much depends on how you perform during your internship and your internship company itself.  In the past we have had one or two interns who have been offered permanent positions in their internship organisation so if you make a great impression, this could be you!  Many of the companies we work with do not have the resources to be able to employ people in paid positions though so there is no guarantee of this happening.

Will there be other interns at my internship company?

As we work with over 450 local organisations in Cape Town, and we find you an internship based completely on your personal interests and goals, it is unlikely that there will be another Bridging Gaps intern at the organisation you work for.  However, there may be other local or international interns from other organisations like ourselves.

Turbo Charge Your Career

Discover how your internship will help boost your job prospects.

Know a student that would benefit from this internship? Join our Referral programme.

Turbo Charge Your Career

Discover how your internship will boost your career prospects.

Know a student that would benefit from this internship? Join our Referral programme.

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