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Fully customised programme.

Every single aspect of your students' programmes is intentionally crafted to maximise return on investment for all stakeholders involved. This includes the intern, parents, academics and host organisation. We have perfected this blend over many hundreds of successful programmes.



Holistic value-adding experience.

We take tremendous care to help interns stretch themselves professionally; but we don't stop there. We help them to grow in confidence and awareness through immersive extra curricular activities alongside our team and community of wonderful interns.



Unrivalled local support.

We pride ourselves in the fact that local, knowledgable help is never more than 30 minutes from our interns. From the moment we make first contact to the day they leave - we are available, reliable and committed to their wellbeing.



Demonstrable benefit to interns.

Interns genuinely unlock entire early-stage career paths by being placed in the most suitable environments alongside encouraging, supportive and connected experts in their field.


Four unique promises underpin our services to give you total peace of mind.



Education partner questions.

What type of career advice/support is offered to a student completing an internship abroad?

When choosing an internship provider to partner with, it is vital to assess the services provided to students before, during, and after their stay. Bridging Gaps prides itself in the fact that local, knowledgeable help is never more than 30 minutes from our interns. From the moment of first contact to the day an intern leaves, the Bridging Gaps team is available and committed to their wellbeing.

Are students assigned specific internship supervisors to guide them through the experience?

Students should be matched with an onsite supervisor at their host organisation as well as a mentor through their internship provider. Bridging Gaps takes the personal and professional growth of interns very seriously, ensuring that they have a dedicated supervisor at their host organisation, as well as a personal on the ground Bridging Gaps mentor to help acclimate interns to the new environment and support their development during and after their internship. 

Can a student gain academic credit when doing an internship abroad?

A good internship placement organisation should be able to accommodate all academic credit requirements for students completing an internship abroad. Bridging Gaps’ programmes are completely customizable and compliant with any university requirements. Bridging Gaps partners with Universities across the globe to create internship programmes which meet the unique needs of each faculty.

Will an international study abroad programme meet academic requirements?

An international internship programme should be able to comply with any university academic requirements. Bridging Gaps’ programmes are available in over 25 career fields, all completely customizable and compliant with any academic needs of the students. 

How to find international internships for students?

There are many organisations which are able to host university students for an international experience, whether it is a study abroad programme, internship, work experience placement, or volunteering project. 

When choosing an internship company to partner with, there are some important factors to consider; 

  • Student experience- support services in place for students, testimonials and ratings, social experience and more.
  • Flexibility of programmes offered and compliance with academic credit needs.
  • Affiliate costs and programme fees.
  • Benefits to the student.

Can you take groups of students?

Yes, we can design custom programmes for groups of 2 - 20 and durations of 4 - 24 weeks.


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