Receive energetic, talented and quick learning young people from around the world into your organisation and further your work.

We bring some of the world's best students and graduates into the local economy and connect them with the best and most exciting workplaces in which they can thrive and grow. There are hundreds of talented people ready to help your organisation go forward.



Design a custom internship programme
to benefit your organisation.

We will work with you to design an internship offering which not only provides unparalleled growth opportunities for the young person; but one that enables you to scale the impact of your important work. Have capable and confident interns solving your most pressing problems in return for an investment of your wisdom and leadership in them.


'How to offer cutting edge internships which grow your organisation and equip the future workforce'



Fully customised programme.

Every single aspect of your internship programme offering is intentionally crafted to maximise return on investment for all stakeholders involved. This includes your projects and initiatives as well as the intern, their parents, and academic institution. We have perfected this blend over many hundreds of successful programmes.



Add some new perspectives.

We vet all interns and make sure that they will make a positive and powerful contribution to your organisation. They will do this by through their developing skillset, positive attitude and commitment to working towards your goals. Unleash them on problems you've not got round to solving yet - you'll be amazed at how their new perspective enables breakthroughs swiftly and effectively.



Unrivalled local support.

Through your entire internship hosting experience we're never more than a short phone call away; and we can be physically present at the drop of a hat to give you whatever support you and/or the intern(s) need. Furthermore we provide all of the training that we anticipate you'll need upfront to help you best prepare.



Demonstrable benefit to your organisation.

Our interns are of the highest calibre and they are hungry to add as much value to your organisation as they can in their short internship placement. So, don't hold back, let them take charge on solving problems, developing new IP, contributing towards your most crucial objectives, carrying real project and client responsibilities.


Four unique promises underpin our services to give you total peace of mind.



Host organisation partner questions.

What are the costs of hosting an international intern?

Generally, there is no cost for hosting an international intern in South Africa. Due to visa regulations, international interns must not receive any remuneration for their time and can only work on a voluntary basis. The only costs are associated with training and any resources required by the intern in their role (they do come prepared with their own laptop). Some internship placement organisations may offer a contribution towards training or hosting costs if the organisation is a non-profit or offers additional services to interns. 

What does an intern supervisor do?

An intern supervisor’s role is to be the main point of contact for any work related questions or concerns from the intern. When hosting an intern through an agency, most of the required support, career advice, and social guidance are covered by an on the ground team of mentors. However, having a designated supervisor to answer any work related questions, is important for both the intern and the host organisation. It ensures that both parties get the most value from the intern’s placement.

How can an internship programme help your organisation?

Hosting an international intern can have a hugely positive impact on the work environment and culture of your organisation. Supplementing your workforce with skilled and passionate interns also offers operational support and valuable contributions to ongoing projects. Interns can bring a fresh outlook and a beneficial international perspective to your scope of work. 

How do I host an international intern?

Hosting an international intern should be a straightforward process when working with an internship placement organisation. There are many organisations that screen applicants, ensure they are prepared to hit the ground running from their first day, handle all logistics, and provide ongoing support to both the intern and your organisation- taking the stress of hosting an intern off your plate. As an organisation, you will only need to consider projects and prospective roles for interns. Interns are also prepared that they need to be flexible throughout their placement based on the ongoing workload and projects of their host organisation.


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