Your Accommodation Options.

We have three types of accommodation on offer, here is a brief introduction to each type with a lowdown on the features. (Concierge package only)
Please note: Accommodation is not included in the programme fee.

Local House Share

Live with real Capetonians for a local perspective.

We will provide you with three options of shared accommodation, taking into consideration the location of your placement site, and the preferred profile of the Capetonian you would like stay with! We will visit each residence and meet any prospective housemates before presenting you with each option.


Living with a local
Home amenities
No cleaning service
Living in a shared space service
Value for money (you could be in an insane place)
Could pick a beautiful spot
Deposit required

Student Accomodation

The simple option: Minimal expense and amenity.

We can organise you a private room in a shared intern house. We can offer you three categories of room, each priced differently according to their size and whether they have an ensuite bathroom.

The secure houses are specifically designed for accommodating foreign interns and they are situated in and around Cape Town in safe, student areas. Each fully furnished house has a shared kitchen, lounge and outdoor area.


Private bedroom in fully furnished shared intern house
Secure house in safe area
Modern amenities
Weekly cleaning service included
Living with other international interns
Living with other Bridging Gaps interns and volunteers
Great locations
Deposit required

Bridging Gaps Apartment

Meet likeminded people and have fun!

All our participants have the option to stay in one of our centrally located Bridging Gaps apartments.

Our homely apartments are situated in a secure building, close to all necessary amenities, the sea, and the city centre.  We can accommodate up to 4 programme participants in each of our apartments, so why not share your exciting experience with some like-minded, friendly people who are ready to explore the city with you!

Sharing a room with another intern
Single room
Fully furnished
Around other interns
Get to know the others you are sharing the experience with
Cleaned weekly
Real city living
Deposit required

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