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Here's exactly what you get in the mega bundle:

  • Pre-trip preparations - know exactly what insurances, visas and vaccinations you'll need.
  • All the best ways to get around town safely and easily.
  • How to make your money go far and never get ripped-off
  • The 'do or regret' excursions in and around the cape town area (and all our best tips to get the most from them).
  • Local customs and cultural insights to prevent embarassment during your stay
  • The six golden rules of a Cape Town experience
  • How paid and unpaid internships work in South Africa.
  • How to choose an internship provider and make sure you get the attention you deserve.
  • Some of the benefits included in our internship programmes.

Intern's Guide (37 pages):

  • Helping mum or dad know how we'll keep you safe and well!
  • Details of our safety policies and procedures
  • Overview of how our programmes work, with info for parents.

Parent's Guide (9 pages):

  • Specific details of how we help students like you at to nail your placement and achieve your personal, professional AND academic goals.
  • Details of our approach to tailoring a placement to students.

Bridging Gaps for HE Students (11 pages):

  • Granular testimonials and interviews from our previous interns to give you full and uncensored insight into what we're like and how we will help you.

Previous Intern's Testimonials (34 pages):

  • Detailed explanation of what we offer in each of our programmes, with fee information.
  • Side by side comparison, so you can tell which, if any suits your requirements and those of

Programme Comparison (4 pages):

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